Tuesday, March 02, 2010

Tired, Teething, Too cute Tuesday

Vivian had a rough night, last night...which means her Mama had a rough night with her.
She woke at 3am and it was obviously her molars, she was sticking her fingers in her ears and scratching at her jaws. In fact this morning she has little scratch marks on her jaw line. :(

I brought her downstairs and immediately she started saying "muh muh" and pointing at the cupboard that I keep her Tylenol in....poor baby.
We settled on the couch to watch some episodes of "Frasier" and she had some milk and juice. After an hour she started to get sleepy again once the Tylenol kicked in.

So I brushed her teeth and put her back in bed and she slept for a couple more hours, but she was still rather crabby this morning, probably a combo of being tired and her molars. Thankfully it's sunny enough out that I was able to open our front porch up and the girls are enjoying playing out there again.

I have decided to make a blanket with the brown and blue yarn that Shiloh and I picked out the other day.
Shiloh wants the blanket already! When I cover her up at nap and bed times with her pink blankets, she keeps saying "Noo, I want the blue and brown blanket".

Never mind the fact that the blue and brown "blanket" is actually just four squares at the moment...four squares that aren't even sewn together yet...

Mama better get knitting! ;-)

I love this pattern because it's easy to memorize and find my place again after the millionth interruption for a potty break, juice refill, stuck toy, missing sock search...etc.
This is actually my second time using this pattern, the first time I made a blanket for Shiloh while I was pregnant with her. :)
I seem to remember that somehow I ended up with one extra square...must have been pregnancy brain. I'll try to count a little better this time, but I'm making no promises...

Shiloh came running up to me this morning cradling her hand. "Mom I hurt my finger...it needs a tiss (kiss)"
Me: "which finger did you hurt?"
Shi: " Five, Number 5 is hurt." that would be her pinky finger btw. ;-)

I gave her a cookie and after she ate it she told me "Good cookie, Mom. Thanks my tummy."

Shi has also started noticing eyebrows. She points them out in pictures and on her dolls. Now she wants to kiss my eyebrows good night, each night.
"Tiss-a eyebrows, Mom?"
"Now you tiss-a my eyebrows."
"Your eyebrows are fuzzy Mom." She's just too funny. :-D

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