Friday, April 30, 2010

You've got Mail

Shiloh likes to get mail.
Most of my junk mail I give to her and she opens it, takes the papers out of the envelope and puts them back in, puts it in her little purse or carries it around for awhile.
Today she said she wanted to write her name on her mail....and she did!

Ta da!

Then she wanted to write "Geico" and "Vivi" too! So exciting!!!

Today the girls also painted their flowerpots. I have this Crayola washable kids paint and I just love it. The girls have gotten this paint on their faces, in their hair, on the table, on clothes, on ME....and it all washes out so easily! They paint all the time too, in fact I'll probably have to pick more paint in the near future.

The finished products, Vivian wanted my help with hers (the smaller one) but Shiloh did all the painting on hers by herself. It took her a long time...seriously...the poor girl fell asleep at the table with her paintbrush in her hand. (it was past her nap time but she really wanted to finish it!)

Now the girls are eager for Dada to put dirt in the pots so we can move their many tomato seedlings! :)

Vivian ran me through the wringer this afternoon, she woke from her nap just miserable and inconsolable. Yesterday she vomited after her nap and I don't know why. Today she got herself so worked up that she started gagging and I thought she was going to be sick again!
Then I found out that her crib has a major recall so I dismantled it and set up the toddler bed for her. Amazingly, she didn't make a peep about the change and fell asleep as easily as ever. yay! Hoping that continues!

I went to change her diaper today and she said "no diaper" and shook her head no. So I asked if she wanted panties and she nodded. She walked around quite proud of being a big girl too.
She did end up peeing both in her pants and in the potty. Shiloh was just awesome, she was soo excited that Vivi wanted to use the potty. She kept saying "Mama i want to help Vivi use the potty". Vivian just loves the Elmo Potty Time video, so Shiloh sat down next to her when Vivi was on the potty and was telling her "You can do it Viv, you can put your pee in the potty...just like Elmo! You can do it...just push!"
Oh it was too sweet!

Last night, about two minutes after I laid Shiloh down at night, she called for me. "Mama, Mama I had a dream about elephants!"
So I said "Um, Shiloh, first you have to fall asleep before you can have a dream." "Ooooh, really?"
"Yes, Shiloh, so go to sleep"
Two minutes later, "Mama, I had a dream about a tiger!"
It's the never ending quest for a reason not to go to sleep!

Thursday, April 29, 2010


It is really windy here today.
A large tree branch fell down the street...and my vehicle was driving right in that spot just a little earlier!
I'm still a country girl at heart, I just expected someone to haul the branch to the side of the road. No big deal, life goes on.

Nooo, not in the city!
It took three men, two pick-up trucks, a dump truck, a wood chipper, a couple chainsaws....and a rake to clear the street. Wow.
Granted they came very quickly after the branch came down but it just seemed like overkill.

The wind is still whipping like crazy...neighbor's lawn chair blew into their pool...

My Mom bought Vivi a doll that moves and makes noise. Vivi loves those types of dolls...(and yes, Shi is scared of them).
When I was opening the doll it was wired, a red and orange wire connected it to the box. Vivi didn't give me any time to play "S.W.A.T" though, she just grabbed the wires and yanked them out...which is the boring, technical way you are supposed to disconnect the doll from the box.

The girls' tomato plants are started to outgrow their little pots, but it's not yet warm enough to plant them outside. So I bought a couple terra cotta pots, a large one and a more medium sized one and I thought I'd let the girls have fun painting them before we transfer the seedlings to them...after all they are for the girls' plants. :) Shiloh will love it, and we'll see if it keeps Vivi's attention but for her it's just guaranteed to be messy!

Friday, April 23, 2010

Words of the Day

My appointment to have my two wisdom teeth removed, has been made.
Dah dum...
I have a couple of weeks to...I don't a lot of chewing? ;-)
Since I will be *out* for the extractions, I'm not too the moment anyways.
When I need to start following my big list of pre-surgery restrictions they gave me, I know I will start to feel "apprehensive".

I mean...why can't I wear my watch? It's not a timed event is it? Is somebody going to rob me while I am knocked out? The dentist might notice the time and be distracted because his favorite soap is on??
I wonder...

No nail polish...does toenail polish count? Are they really going to take off my socks and shoes while I am having my teeth worked on? What if I painted my nails "nude" would they really be able to tell? Does clear coat count?
I wonder...

No make-up, No thank you. lol
That's a beautiful place to be, I guess...
Do they complain if you wear concealer? I mean, really??
Guess I just have to let my true spots show...I mean my frezzles, er, freckles, show...

Remember my old couch covers?
I recycled them today into covers for my bar stools...since the original seats are a very light suede. Not very practical for a household with small children....or a Mommy who tends to spill coffee, a lot, so we've kept them covered with plastic until I could find some other way of protecting them.

Ta da! The newly re-covered bar stool is on the right.

All three bar stools.

I had a lucky Mommy moment today too. Vivian tried to color on the walls with crayon...first time one of my children has tried that! But fortunately she tried with a white crayon and I caught her right away. She still got in trouble and won't be allowed much freedom with the crayons for quite awhile!

I was getting the girls ready for bed and Shi interrupted me "Mom. Mom, I have to talk to Viv" (she's been calling her "Viv" lately). Shi had put a bath puppet on her hand and had it make funny noises and talk to Vivian to make Vivi laugh. So sweet. :)

Shiloh is starting to sound out words. She knows all of her letters and most of the sounds that they make. She was sooo excited today because she recognized the word "Cat" on a cartoon. :) That's one of the easy recognizable words for her that she doesn't have to work on sounding out. (of course that would be one of the first words she reads, it's Shiloh! ;-) I'm still waiting for the sounds to really turn into words for her. Sometimes they do and other times she's just making all the right sounds for each letter without hearing the word in the sounds.

The Japanese in her also tends to come out and she wants to sound words out from right to left instead of left to right. ;)

I've made a few word games for Shi, I'll write simple words on pieces of paper, like "ball" or "car" and help her sound it out and then bring the ball to me or point out the car etc. Vivi likes get in on the game too, she has to have her bit of paper and then wants me to tell her what it says...Tonight she walked all through the house saying "cup, cup, cup" and looking at her paper and nodding. lol :)

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Straight talk

Straight talk with a three year old...
Today's topic: Beauty

Vivi was napping and Shiloh and I were enjoying the sunny front porch.
I was doing a puzzle and Shi was playing kitchen and serving me food...then she peered very closely at me.
Shiloh - "what color you eyes?"
Me - "blue"
Shiloh - "you put makeup on you eyes?" (when I write this, all I can hear is my Gram's voice saying the same thing. lol)
Me - "yes, I have makeup on" (rarely these days so that's probably why she noticed)
Shiloh - "blue?"
Me - "yes, it's blue eyeshadow"

Shiloh - "you have spots"
Me - "they're freckles"
Shiloh - "sparkles?"
Me - "no, freckles"
Shiloh - "frezzles?"
Me - "No, freck-ells"
Shiloh - "frezzles?"
Me - "um, close enough"
Shiloh - "you have lots of frezzles"
Me - "yes, I do"

Shiloh - "you have a pimple"
Me - "yes, and thank you for noticing"
Shiloh - "you welcome"

Shiloh - "i tiss (kiss) you eyebrows, *kiss*, you eyebrows is fuzzy. i hah eyebrows too"

Me - "May I wear your sandals?"
Shiloh - "No, these are princess sandals. these are for princess."

Thursday, April 15, 2010


I just realized that this is my 500th post since I started my blog.
Wow, not too bad for a quiet person. My fingers are pretty talkative, I guess. ;-)

My new couch covers came today! I was so excited that I was opening the package before the UPS truck had even pulled away.
So here are the pictures!

First, our naked sofa and loveseat.
DH bought them, alone, while I was working.
Then he called me and told me he had bought our living room furniture alone and asked "you're not upset, right?"
I replied " long as they're not white!"
Ta da!

Our old couch covers...purchased in '04 and you can see the wear, especially on the seats.

The new covers! DH likes patterns instead of the solid covers that are common, so that made it a bit harder to shop....but we all like these covers (Shiloh too!) :)

Vivi is now wearing stickers on her body that say "arm" and "center back" that came with the covers, lol.

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Sayings by Shiloh

Just some funny things from Shiloh, she's such a character! :)

At dinner I noticed Shi looking at her plate and making funny noises, so I asked what in the world she was doing.
She looked at me and stated matter-of-factly...
"i growling at my ham, Mom"
Oh...silly me.

The girls and I had lingering coughs for quite a few days from our colds. One morning Vivi was coughing a lot so I gave her some delicious grape-flavored cough medicine.
Shiloh came flying over and said she needed cough medicine too, I told her No because the medicine is just for coughing.
"But Mom, i coughed in my room! upstairs! i need medsin, cause i did cough in my room...upstairs!" (in case I forgot where her room was....)

She was writing/drawing on some paper and kept switching pen in both her hands, and writing using both hands, so I asked "You don't know which hand you want to use?" Shiloh nodded and put the pen in my hand. lol

I told her that a cartoon "My friend, Rabbit" was on if she wanted to watch it.
Shi said "you friend Rabbit? that's yer friend Rabbit on TV, Mama? i can watch you friend??"
I pointed out some "My Little Ponies" in a flyer to her and went through the same thing. "those are yer ponies, Mama? those are yer ponies, right there? i like you ponies, Mama."

We've been doing a bit of gardening and Shi has been really interested in everything I teach her.
Yesterday she called me over to my African violets to "look the beautiful purple blossoms, Mama!" ...not just flowers, but blossoms.

She's also been busy "mothering" Vivian. So far Vivi doesn't seem to mind too much, as long as Shi doesn't go overboard...
She's been following Vivi through the house the past few days and saying "this is my dahling sister, my dahling baby sister. isn't she soo cute? c'mon dahling sister let's go this way."
Vivi usually plays along cheerfully to this part of the mothering.

But I've also caught Shi telling Vivi "i told you afore, young lady. i told you afore, young lady."
Hmm...not sure where she might have heard that before...(humming innocently...)

She's wearing overalls today....and is currently filling them (with herself inside) with plastic blocks.
I don't know why...sometimes it's better not to ask and just enjoy the peace and quiet...

Saturday, April 10, 2010

Dentists and Decorating

I had my appointment with the dental surgeon this past week and it went very smoothly. He has a very nice office and office staff.
While Doctor "Ooh-that-make-you-gag-a-little" recommended that I have all FOUR wisdom teeth extracted.
The surgeon said only two needed to be removed, and the other two were up to me....
So I am having two wisdom teeth removed...pending insurance approval.
The office said that it usually takes the insurance company a couple of weeks to approve the request so I have a little reprieve from dental appointments in the meantime.

Shiloh, with typical grace, fell off the couch yesterday and hit her ear which puffed up. Target had little "Disney Princess" ice packs in their dollar bins and I had picked up one of those for the inevitable and that worked so well, she let me hold it to her ear and the swelling went down nicely.
Vivian wanted me to put the icepack on her too, she kept saying "ear, ear" and walking up to me while tugging on her ear.

I rearranged the living room furniture after that, I'd been planning to do it anyways and I needed to move the couch out so I could measure it for new covers.
The ones that we currently have are roughly 6 years old and showing their age.
I was having a hard time deciding between two different covers, a red one with a busy pattern or a more subtle brown one...both DH and Shiloh chose the brown one, so that's what we're going with.
DH had a more difficult time choosing between the two, Shiloh did not. She knew definitely which one she did and did not like!
I should have used her opinion in the first place. ;-)

Friday, April 02, 2010

Oh gag me!

I had my dentist appointment yesterday and I did good.
I did not throw up....I did however gag when the dentist shoved the little cardboard thing (to take an x-ray) toward the back and top of my mouth.
Then the Dentist with his thick Indian accent said "ooh...that make you gag a little?"

My mind said "Yes!!! And if you like your shoes, you won't do it again!"
My mouth was more polite...and terrified respectful of the "man-who-holds-the-drill".
A broken arm of the chair, duct tape, laminated birch-look wallpaper, and a clock that read 7am at 10:30am did nothing to bolster my confidence, I must add.
I have my appointment with the dental surgeon...(uh scary!), next week, and apparently I'll have a panoramic x-ray done of my teeth. Ooh la la!
I looked up the machine and the benefit to me is that it doesn't look likely to gag me! That is always a benefit.
Otherwise I'm just not going to think about it today...or tomorrow...

Shiloh is much better now. She had a persistent fever that one day and I had to alternate Tylenol and Motrin because it kept coming back before one medicine wore off and was in the 100-101 degree range and Shi would start feeling bad again, but the next day the fever was gone and she's been basically normal.
Vivian caught the cold and had a low-grade temperature in the 99 degree range and she's had more cold-like symptoms of a runny nose and hoarse voice.
She scared me this morning when she woke me at 5am..."Mama! Mama! Ow-ow-ow-ow! Mama! Ow-ow-ow-ow!"
Vivian is a toughie, so I expected all the worst possible things.
She was warm but was not tugging at her ears, so I think it was a sore throat...she was hoarse later in the morning.
After I gave her Tylenol, she fell right back asleep and slept in this morning too, over 12 hours total!

I found a couple brightly-colored plastic Easter eggs in my cupboard, so I pulled them out for the girls to play with. Shiloh flew over to me to take the eggs, just so excited, then she saw that the eggs were empty.
Her face fell "Awwww....the chickens are gone!!!"
Lol, ;-D