Thursday, April 15, 2010


I just realized that this is my 500th post since I started my blog.
Wow, not too bad for a quiet person. My fingers are pretty talkative, I guess. ;-)

My new couch covers came today! I was so excited that I was opening the package before the UPS truck had even pulled away.
So here are the pictures!

First, our naked sofa and loveseat.
DH bought them, alone, while I was working.
Then he called me and told me he had bought our living room furniture alone and asked "you're not upset, right?"
I replied " long as they're not white!"
Ta da!

Our old couch covers...purchased in '04 and you can see the wear, especially on the seats.

The new covers! DH likes patterns instead of the solid covers that are common, so that made it a bit harder to shop....but we all like these covers (Shiloh too!) :)

Vivi is now wearing stickers on her body that say "arm" and "center back" that came with the covers, lol.

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