Saturday, April 10, 2010

Dentists and Decorating

I had my appointment with the dental surgeon this past week and it went very smoothly. He has a very nice office and office staff.
While Doctor "Ooh-that-make-you-gag-a-little" recommended that I have all FOUR wisdom teeth extracted.
The surgeon said only two needed to be removed, and the other two were up to me....
So I am having two wisdom teeth removed...pending insurance approval.
The office said that it usually takes the insurance company a couple of weeks to approve the request so I have a little reprieve from dental appointments in the meantime.

Shiloh, with typical grace, fell off the couch yesterday and hit her ear which puffed up. Target had little "Disney Princess" ice packs in their dollar bins and I had picked up one of those for the inevitable and that worked so well, she let me hold it to her ear and the swelling went down nicely.
Vivian wanted me to put the icepack on her too, she kept saying "ear, ear" and walking up to me while tugging on her ear.

I rearranged the living room furniture after that, I'd been planning to do it anyways and I needed to move the couch out so I could measure it for new covers.
The ones that we currently have are roughly 6 years old and showing their age.
I was having a hard time deciding between two different covers, a red one with a busy pattern or a more subtle brown one...both DH and Shiloh chose the brown one, so that's what we're going with.
DH had a more difficult time choosing between the two, Shiloh did not. She knew definitely which one she did and did not like!
I should have used her opinion in the first place. ;-)

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