Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Sayings by Shiloh

Just some funny things from Shiloh, she's such a character! :)

At dinner I noticed Shi looking at her plate and making funny noises, so I asked what in the world she was doing.
She looked at me and stated matter-of-factly...
"i growling at my ham, Mom"
Oh...silly me.

The girls and I had lingering coughs for quite a few days from our colds. One morning Vivi was coughing a lot so I gave her some delicious grape-flavored cough medicine.
Shiloh came flying over and said she needed cough medicine too, I told her No because the medicine is just for coughing.
"But Mom, i coughed in my room! upstairs! i need medsin, cause i did cough in my room...upstairs!" (in case I forgot where her room was....)

She was writing/drawing on some paper and kept switching pen in both her hands, and writing using both hands, so I asked "You don't know which hand you want to use?" Shiloh nodded and put the pen in my hand. lol

I told her that a cartoon "My friend, Rabbit" was on if she wanted to watch it.
Shi said "you friend Rabbit? that's yer friend Rabbit on TV, Mama? i can watch you friend??"
I pointed out some "My Little Ponies" in a flyer to her and went through the same thing. "those are yer ponies, Mama? those are yer ponies, right there? i like you ponies, Mama."

We've been doing a bit of gardening and Shi has been really interested in everything I teach her.
Yesterday she called me over to my African violets to "look the beautiful purple blossoms, Mama!" ...not just flowers, but blossoms.

She's also been busy "mothering" Vivian. So far Vivi doesn't seem to mind too much, as long as Shi doesn't go overboard...
She's been following Vivi through the house the past few days and saying "this is my dahling sister, my dahling baby sister. isn't she soo cute? c'mon dahling sister let's go this way."
Vivi usually plays along cheerfully to this part of the mothering.

But I've also caught Shi telling Vivi "i told you afore, young lady. i told you afore, young lady."
Hmm...not sure where she might have heard that before...(humming innocently...)

She's wearing overalls today....and is currently filling them (with herself inside) with plastic blocks.
I don't know why...sometimes it's better not to ask and just enjoy the peace and quiet...

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