Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Straight talk

Straight talk with a three year old...
Today's topic: Beauty

Vivi was napping and Shiloh and I were enjoying the sunny front porch.
I was doing a puzzle and Shi was playing kitchen and serving me food...then she peered very closely at me.
Shiloh - "what color you eyes?"
Me - "blue"
Shiloh - "you put makeup on you eyes?" (when I write this, all I can hear is my Gram's voice saying the same thing. lol)
Me - "yes, I have makeup on" (rarely these days so that's probably why she noticed)
Shiloh - "blue?"
Me - "yes, it's blue eyeshadow"

Shiloh - "you have spots"
Me - "they're freckles"
Shiloh - "sparkles?"
Me - "no, freckles"
Shiloh - "frezzles?"
Me - "No, freck-ells"
Shiloh - "frezzles?"
Me - "um, close enough"
Shiloh - "you have lots of frezzles"
Me - "yes, I do"

Shiloh - "you have a pimple"
Me - "yes, and thank you for noticing"
Shiloh - "you welcome"

Shiloh - "i tiss (kiss) you eyebrows, *kiss*, you eyebrows is fuzzy. i hah eyebrows too"

Me - "May I wear your sandals?"
Shiloh - "No, these are princess sandals. these are for princess."

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