Thursday, April 29, 2010


It is really windy here today.
A large tree branch fell down the street...and my vehicle was driving right in that spot just a little earlier!
I'm still a country girl at heart, I just expected someone to haul the branch to the side of the road. No big deal, life goes on.

Nooo, not in the city!
It took three men, two pick-up trucks, a dump truck, a wood chipper, a couple chainsaws....and a rake to clear the street. Wow.
Granted they came very quickly after the branch came down but it just seemed like overkill.

The wind is still whipping like crazy...neighbor's lawn chair blew into their pool...

My Mom bought Vivi a doll that moves and makes noise. Vivi loves those types of dolls...(and yes, Shi is scared of them).
When I was opening the doll it was wired, a red and orange wire connected it to the box. Vivi didn't give me any time to play "S.W.A.T" though, she just grabbed the wires and yanked them out...which is the boring, technical way you are supposed to disconnect the doll from the box.

The girls' tomato plants are started to outgrow their little pots, but it's not yet warm enough to plant them outside. So I bought a couple terra cotta pots, a large one and a more medium sized one and I thought I'd let the girls have fun painting them before we transfer the seedlings to them...after all they are for the girls' plants. :) Shiloh will love it, and we'll see if it keeps Vivi's attention but for her it's just guaranteed to be messy!

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