Friday, April 23, 2010

Words of the Day

My appointment to have my two wisdom teeth removed, has been made.
Dah dum...
I have a couple of weeks to...I don't a lot of chewing? ;-)
Since I will be *out* for the extractions, I'm not too the moment anyways.
When I need to start following my big list of pre-surgery restrictions they gave me, I know I will start to feel "apprehensive".

I mean...why can't I wear my watch? It's not a timed event is it? Is somebody going to rob me while I am knocked out? The dentist might notice the time and be distracted because his favorite soap is on??
I wonder...

No nail polish...does toenail polish count? Are they really going to take off my socks and shoes while I am having my teeth worked on? What if I painted my nails "nude" would they really be able to tell? Does clear coat count?
I wonder...

No make-up, No thank you. lol
That's a beautiful place to be, I guess...
Do they complain if you wear concealer? I mean, really??
Guess I just have to let my true spots show...I mean my frezzles, er, freckles, show...

Remember my old couch covers?
I recycled them today into covers for my bar stools...since the original seats are a very light suede. Not very practical for a household with small children....or a Mommy who tends to spill coffee, a lot, so we've kept them covered with plastic until I could find some other way of protecting them.

Ta da! The newly re-covered bar stool is on the right.

All three bar stools.

I had a lucky Mommy moment today too. Vivian tried to color on the walls with crayon...first time one of my children has tried that! But fortunately she tried with a white crayon and I caught her right away. She still got in trouble and won't be allowed much freedom with the crayons for quite awhile!

I was getting the girls ready for bed and Shi interrupted me "Mom. Mom, I have to talk to Viv" (she's been calling her "Viv" lately). Shi had put a bath puppet on her hand and had it make funny noises and talk to Vivian to make Vivi laugh. So sweet. :)

Shiloh is starting to sound out words. She knows all of her letters and most of the sounds that they make. She was sooo excited today because she recognized the word "Cat" on a cartoon. :) That's one of the easy recognizable words for her that she doesn't have to work on sounding out. (of course that would be one of the first words she reads, it's Shiloh! ;-) I'm still waiting for the sounds to really turn into words for her. Sometimes they do and other times she's just making all the right sounds for each letter without hearing the word in the sounds.

The Japanese in her also tends to come out and she wants to sound words out from right to left instead of left to right. ;)

I've made a few word games for Shi, I'll write simple words on pieces of paper, like "ball" or "car" and help her sound it out and then bring the ball to me or point out the car etc. Vivi likes get in on the game too, she has to have her bit of paper and then wants me to tell her what it says...Tonight she walked all through the house saying "cup, cup, cup" and looking at her paper and nodding. lol :)

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