Friday, April 30, 2010

You've got Mail

Shiloh likes to get mail.
Most of my junk mail I give to her and she opens it, takes the papers out of the envelope and puts them back in, puts it in her little purse or carries it around for awhile.
Today she said she wanted to write her name on her mail....and she did!

Ta da!

Then she wanted to write "Geico" and "Vivi" too! So exciting!!!

Today the girls also painted their flowerpots. I have this Crayola washable kids paint and I just love it. The girls have gotten this paint on their faces, in their hair, on the table, on clothes, on ME....and it all washes out so easily! They paint all the time too, in fact I'll probably have to pick more paint in the near future.

The finished products, Vivian wanted my help with hers (the smaller one) but Shiloh did all the painting on hers by herself. It took her a long time...seriously...the poor girl fell asleep at the table with her paintbrush in her hand. (it was past her nap time but she really wanted to finish it!)

Now the girls are eager for Dada to put dirt in the pots so we can move their many tomato seedlings! :)

Vivian ran me through the wringer this afternoon, she woke from her nap just miserable and inconsolable. Yesterday she vomited after her nap and I don't know why. Today she got herself so worked up that she started gagging and I thought she was going to be sick again!
Then I found out that her crib has a major recall so I dismantled it and set up the toddler bed for her. Amazingly, she didn't make a peep about the change and fell asleep as easily as ever. yay! Hoping that continues!

I went to change her diaper today and she said "no diaper" and shook her head no. So I asked if she wanted panties and she nodded. She walked around quite proud of being a big girl too.
She did end up peeing both in her pants and in the potty. Shiloh was just awesome, she was soo excited that Vivi wanted to use the potty. She kept saying "Mama i want to help Vivi use the potty". Vivian just loves the Elmo Potty Time video, so Shiloh sat down next to her when Vivi was on the potty and was telling her "You can do it Viv, you can put your pee in the potty...just like Elmo! You can do it...just push!"
Oh it was too sweet!

Last night, about two minutes after I laid Shiloh down at night, she called for me. "Mama, Mama I had a dream about elephants!"
So I said "Um, Shiloh, first you have to fall asleep before you can have a dream." "Ooooh, really?"
"Yes, Shiloh, so go to sleep"
Two minutes later, "Mama, I had a dream about a tiger!"
It's the never ending quest for a reason not to go to sleep!

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