Saturday, May 29, 2010

Monkeys on the bed

My two monkeys both fell off their beds on the same night.
The other night was pretty hot so Shiloh wanted to sleep at the foot of her bed because it was closer to the fan, but the rail is not down she rolled off the bed.
It didn't faze her, I ran upstairs because I heard the sound of her fall and she was already crawling back into bed.
Vivian used to sleep so soundly that she'd barely move an inch but now she's all over the place. Several times I've found her sitting on the floor with just her head and arms on the bed...sound asleep, she just slowly slides off the bed that way and stays asleep.
But the other night she did a 180 and then rolled off the bed. That woke her up, but at least she's just in a low toddler bed and has carpet to land on.

She hates to be even slightly damp from potty-training so I have to change her a lot. Even at night, she has woken me up just to change her damp diaper...then she'll fall back asleep. A few times she has resisted even having a diaper put on her for naps or bedtime but she still needs them so I insist.
I know she'll wake up wet and crabby because her sleep is interrupted, and I'll have clothes, a crabby toddler, sheets, and mattress pads to wash on top of that!
We have not had an accident-free day yet. I need to focus on making her take bathroom breaks more regularly I think. Our summer routine changes more often too which throws her off.

I've found she really needs a little privacy to make things happen. If I just step outside the bathroom, just out of sight, it seems to help. Makes me nervous though, because I don't want her to try to get down and fall off!

There also was a reason behind Vivian learning to say Shiloh's name. Now when I ask her if she peed on the floor, she shakes her head no and says "Nooo...Shalah!"
"Oh, Shiloh peed on the floor?"
Vivi nods vigorously.
Honestly, isn't she just too young to start blaming her sister?? She's not even Two yet!!

She ended up in a pretty funky outfit the other day, due to changing articles of her clothing from potty training accidents.
We were about to head out to the store and I noticed Vivian had blue barrettes in her hair, a black shirt, hot pink capris, and neon green socks.
Somehow it was so mismatched that it worked! lol.

I went out and had my hair cut the other day, using a gift certificate that my sister got for me (thanks Heath!) :)
I had my hair done by Petra...that's like a perfect hairdresser name! :)
She had fun playing around with my hair and showing me different ways I could style it at home...ha-ha!
I would have better luck styling my hair myself if I just rubbed a staticky balloon on my head, but I am trying!

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Pull out the swimsuits!

DH filled up the kiddie pool this morning, so this afternoon I was able to take the girls out to splash May!
It was soo hot today that it really was perfect pool weather.
At first I wasn't planning on joining the girls but then I decided to put my suit on because it was soo hot and I also wasn't sure what Vivian would do. I figured if she cried for me, I'd have to get in the pool or if she was daring and standing up or trying out the slide I'd really need to be in the pool to keep a hand on her.
Good thing too because Vivi started crying for me the second I put her in the pool!
She sat on my lap in the water for half an hour, well rather on my knee because she didn't want to get too deep in the water.
Eventually she did sit by herself but that was the extent of her bravery.
She actually was more daring last year!
It's funny how they go through these stages, but since Shi was everywhere and up and down the slide I think Vivi will be trying to keep up with her soon enough.
She can't let Shi have all the fun! :)

After being woken by Vivian at 5am this morning, I thought I would have Vivi skip her afternoon nap and Shi skip her only nap in exchange for pool time....and hopefully exhausted kiddos at an early bedtime.
Shiloh only took about 30 minutes to fall asleep. Vivian...ugh, I miss her crib.
I put her down at 7:30 and it took her until 9pm to fall asleep. :(
So much for wearing her out, it should have worked too....I mean, I am exhausted! It wore Me out!...and I have caffeine to help me stay awake!

I told Shiloh it was nap time the other day and she replied "No Mom, it not nap time yet. i not bein' crabby yet!" ;-D

Vivian gets in these chatty stages but she really doesn't know what to say. So she tends to get right in your face and keep repeating "Hi! hi! Hi! hi! Hi! hi!" She wants you to say "hi" back and thinks it is pretty amusing.
Shiloh is very patient and usually humors Vivian longer than we will, but today eventually she started saying "i don't want to say hi anymore, Viv! no hi. no hi. i don't want to say hi anymore, Viv! no more hi!"

In the past couple days Vivian came up with a new game, she runs over to a door and bangs on it a couple times then gasps "Uh! Dada!". Then both girls giggle and squeal and run away from the door and "Dada" until Vivian knocks on it again. ;-D

Monday, May 24, 2010

Not Me Monday!

"Not Me Monday" time again. Some things that I have absolutely not been doing this week....

I certainly did not find myself bringing leftovers into the bathroom instead of putting them in the fridge...No, Not Me! I should have recovered from my pregnancy brain by now! right?
But then how could I explain calling my 3 year old over to the "how-tall-you-are-calculator" to be measured, because I couldn't remember what a simple "growth chart" was called, then again...that was Not Me!

I also did not spatter my glasses, face, mirror, clothes...etc...with toothpaste while getting accustomed to using an electric toothbrush.

And I would never make a batch of rice pudding just for me, myself, and I...No way!
I also would not use the toilet with a child seat still attached, because it's too much of a pain to remove each time...even though it causes another sort of pain by leaving it attached...
Well, that would never happen anyways because that is soo...Not Me!

Put me in the Zoo

The girls have a few books which I am requested to read to them sooooo many times, that I have them memorized. They think it's pretty neat when I am "reading" them the book from across the room. :) Now Shi is trying to memorize some of them too.

"Put Me in the Zoo" is one of those books.

I feel like I am in the Zoo already, some days! Though...(as the book says) "...with all the things that you can do, the Circus is the place for you!" that might be true too.. ;-)

Vivian has been sleeping awful these past few days. I'm not sure if the heat has something to do with it, but I know potty-training is a factor. I seem to remember Shiloh having some sleep trouble when she was training also. (We're still using diapers at night too) Vivi is asking to use the potty a lot at night, which I am not sure how much is just an excuse not to go to bed and how much is real needs. Sometimes she pees...sometimes not. She knocked on her door last night until I opened it...then said she had to poop, which I checked and she was certainly right.

I put her on the potty and she was fine for a minute, then freaked and screamed until she finally did poop in the potty...and then she was fine, just leaving me with a slight ringing in my ears! Sooo much drama.

Then she ended up falling asleep at 9:45pm...and waking at 5:30am. Ugh.

At least potty-training is going well, and she seems to be learning pretty quickly. Vivian - being Vivian - has decided that she is not going to use a baby potty chair when everyone else is using a regular toilet! The seat of her potty chair will attach to the toilet so that makes it much easier, and I don't have to balance her the whole time. But even with a step stool, she's not big enough for her feet to even reach when she's sitting here. She looks so tiny! :)

I did find a reason for her non-stop eating and no weight gain. She has grown 1 1/2" in height just since March! I am jealous...I could use some more height and here she is growing so fast! ;-) I'm probably shrinking actually from lugging her around everywhere, she's been pretty clingy to Mama lately.

The other day we were getting ready to go out and I asked her to go find Shiloh because Shi needed to put her shoes on. She went running to Shi "Shalah! (Shiloh) shoe! Shalah! shoe!" lol. Shi understood. :)

Friday, May 21, 2010

Attack of the toilet paper

Potty-training is going much better this time.
I think it really helps that she wants to train, and that she has a big sister as an example. It's also much nicer to do training in warmer weather!
A majority of pees are making their goal, and she is asking to go potty frequently.
We had a little bump yesterday because we went shopping, so I put a diaper on her. We took a potty break at the store but she was nervous about the restroom toilet and I didn't push it because that can be another whole issue.
She kept fidgeting with her diaper and ended up moving it enough that she leaked through...though fortunately it was just as we got home.
Then it took a little while to get her back on track that afternoon but she's realizing that she doesn't like to be even a little damp so she's really trying to catch herself.
Even when we took the girls out in the yard to play and all the distractions, Vivi asked to go potty a couple of times. I don't think she did much but she is really trying to recognize her body's signals and working hard to stay dry.

Shortly after I put her to bed last night, we could hear Vivi banging against her wall, which was odd because she normally falls asleep very quickly.
She was non-stop scratching her arms, and when I checked her in the light both arms were suddenly plastered with hives!
I covered her with a hydrocortisone cream and switched her to a long-sleeved shirt. We let her stay up for awhile to forget about the itching and she was pretty hyper.
I held off on giving her any Benadryl until this morning when she started scratching again, in case it would make her more awake.
Nothing I can attribute it to really, so just random hives...they've cleared up today. (maybe stress from potty-training...who knows?)

I had a migraine yesterday which tends to make me a little more sensitive to smells. Well, Shiloh was sitting on my lap playing with little plastic lions and tigers and they just stunk of such a strong plastic smell to me that it was turning my stomach.
So I asked her if she could sit somewhere else or not play with lions because they stunk so badly.
She said "They don't stink Mama. They don't have gas....Lions don't have gas." :D

Then DH wanted Shi to sit on his lap, but she wanted to come into the other room where I was instead, but he kept asking her.
So she told him "Don't make this any more complicated than it is Dad....Don't make this any more harder."
He came into the other room, just dumbfounded, "Do you know what Shiloh just told me?" lol
So weird to hear myself mirrored by my 3 year old!
I know I have told her that before because she's so overly dramatic sometimes, so I've told her she's just making things harder or more complicated. least I know she's listening!

Vivian has just learned to shrug her shoulders...well, one shoulder anyways.
She does it in response to just about every question asked her! It's both funny, because she doesn't quite have it down right and frustrating because it's not really an answer!

Wal-Mart is really not racking up the points with me lately. We hadn't gone there in awhile but we went last week.
I took Shiloh to the restroom and we used the handicapped stall. When I reached for the toilet paper the whole "double jumbo roll" toilet paper holder fell off the wall!!
I pushed Shiloh out of the way, but didn't managed to avoid it entirely myself...seeing as I was sitting on a toilet! Fortunately I was wearing jeans so I suffered only a pink scrape on my leg, but man, that thing was heavy! I went out to customer service to let them know their kamikaze toilet paper rack was now on the floor and there wasn't a single person there. bah!
So beware of attacking toilet paper dispensers!

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

A "what" doll?

The weather has finally warmed up enough to work seriously on potty-training.
When I was dressing Vivi the other day, she said "no diaper" so I asked if she wanted panties instead and she nodded! It was just so odd because I was planning to work on training that day too.
She's watched the "Elmo potty" video countless times and we're using stickers as a reward....which is a big hit and now Shiloh wants stickers too. :)
Shiloh gets a sticker now when she is helpful with potty-training Vivi, when she helps get dry clothes or encourages Vivian.

Vivi was breaking out in a big patch of dry skin (eczema) on her back right at the edge of her diaper which was really irritating her, so I think that was a big motivator for her to kick the diapers. This crazy weather really bothers her skin.
Not that she hasn't asked for a diaper since then though!

I was shopping online for Vivian's birthday presents. I had Shiloh on my lap and she spotted a little stuffed "Alvin and the Chipmunks" doll on the screen.
"Look Mom, a spin-me-right-round doll!" She said excitedly.
"A what?!?!"
"A spin-me-right-round-baby-right-round doll!"
She saw a commercial. I think it was just one commercial, and she remembers it!

I didn't buy the doll...just in case you were wondering. I wasn't even shopping for the doll but it popped up as a "suggestion".
Shiloh had a lot of suggestions of things to buy too, but they didn't quite have "Vivian" in mind. ;-)
When I mentioned that to Shiloh, she said "Let's shop for Shiloh!" lol...why didn't I think of that!

Sunday, May 16, 2010

Happy cows make...?

I think we have higher ambitions for our backyard than it can handle.

DH keeps wanting to put stone borders around my roses, and he already has put one around the lilac bush, but I'm afraid it will cut out more yard and play space, gardening space, kiddie pool space, bird feeder space...etc.
Our tomato seedlings are doing way better than I, where to put 50 tomato plants?

Some I plan to keep in our porch but a majority need a garden dug out...and that's not even mentioning the zucchini (well only one lowly plant has come up so far) or pumpkins, or the invisible green beans....probably some dud seeds there.

"Yes, those pots of dirt over, those are the green beans...they are in stealth mode. It's the best way to get them into your kids, you see, they don't even know the beans are on their plates!"

We were also considering a swing set for the girls, nothing too big, but then DH hung Shiloh's old swing from a pine tree in our yard, and while Shiloh loves it....Vivi is scared. She might sit in it for 0.2 seconds before she's reaching for you saying "no, no, no, no..."

She keeps trying it though, because Shiloh sits there and Vivi really wants to keep up with everything that Shi does. ;-)

One month now until Vivian's 2nd birthday! She's been doing great in her toddler bed, it seems she's ready to cut out her 2nd nap though in favor of a longer morning nap instead. It would be nice to have the girls on the same nap time but that doesn't seem to be working so well yet. Shiloh won't sleep at all if she's put down too early and Vivi is cranky and sleepy if I try to hold off her nap til a little later....though I have had some success getting the naps to overlap a bit.

We have drama club here...quite frequently, perhaps I should start giving out Oscars? ;-)

When Vivian wants attention...or to change the focus of attention such as when she's been scolded, she drops suddenly to her knees and says "Ow, ow, owww! Mama! Mama! Owwww!" Who could scold a poor hurt baby, after all!

Shiloh was upset because she was having a little dinner party with Vivian and Vivi started throwing plastic food on the floor. Sobbing into my neck, "you have to help me, Mama! you have to help me with Vivian!" meanwhile Vivi wandered over and pet Shiloh's head sympathetically and said "awwwww...." lol

Can't forget the costumes either....Shiloh was wearing sunglasses AND a cat mask at the same time the other day, and Vivian's choice of costumes was taking off her shirt and wearing two stuffed snakes around her neck instead. It was like a Baby WWE wardrobe!

I was reading stories to the girls tonight and when I asked Shiloh where orange juice comes from, she replied cows. So I asked her what the picture was on the container of milk in the book.

Shiloh: "that's a cow Mom, because that is cow's milk. Orange juice just comes from a little cow...there are milk cows and there are orange juice cows, Mom."

Lol, she just kept going on and on about the orange juice cows!

I also realized that my "Goliath" sounds a lot like Arnold Schwarzenegger. "hey you puny boy! you come out here wit 5 stones? Bwahahaha!"

"Hasta La Vistaaa!"...*THUD*

Friday, May 14, 2010

Can you handle the syringe?

I had my recheck appointment with the dental surgeon yesterday.

My stitches had dissolved/fallen out at 5 and 6 days post-op and my bruising is rapidly fading.
When the dentist asked how I was doing I explained to him how one side had been very easy while the other side would still bleed sometimes, was still a little sore, and pointed out my bruising.

He frowned and quickly went to my chart, then nodded and said that it was a deep tooth so it is a harder recovery.
He gave me an irrigation syringe to help clean out the wounds until they heal up more fully.

This is trickier than it looks...the first time I used it, it shot water all over my shirt. I also didn't realize that the wounds were still full of blood...which the water spray forcefully ejected....all over the place.

Reason 100,001 why I didn't become a dentist. Plus they probably expect you to be able to handle a simple syringe before they hand you a drill....well, I hope so anyways!

Vivian keeps deciding that she wants to be a "big girl" about things. She's basically given up sippy cups in favor of drinking...and spilling from a regular cup. Yesterday she decided she no longer wants to sit in her booster chair at the table, she wants to sit at a regular chair. Independence is messy!

Ironically enough Shiloh prefers sippy cups and now she wants to sit in the vacated booster seat!

Sunday, May 09, 2010

Happy Mother's Day!

Happy Mother's Day!
Happy Mother's Day to My Mom, and to all the Moms and Moms-to-be (Charith) today! :)
I woke up this morning to snow! Yes, it is May 9th...and we have snow.
I need to find a place to move the girls seedlings now so they don't get too cold, according to the weather, tonight will be even colder...below 30 degrees.

Such crazy weather, we have boots with sandals and winter coats next to bicycle helmets! Shiloh is actually wearing two long-sleeved shirts (one of them a thick fleece), jeans, and then has bare feet with sandals....

We are postponing any Mother's Day celebrations here. I am still very sore, swollen, bruised, and on a soft diet...and not exactly feeling celebratory!

Host: "Do you have Reservations?"

DH: "Yes, my wife is with me"

Host: "The blonde, Sir?"

DH: "Uh, no...the black and blue one"

Host: "Ah, I...see..."

DH: "Do you have a soft menu?"

Host: "Sir??..."

DH: "Applesauce? Jello? Broth?"


The photo evidence...I have another picture showing off my swollen chipmunk cheek but it's just too odd.

The bruise is now black and brown shades, even more lovely, looks like I got a smudge of grease on my jaw. It's too sore to even attempt to conceal with make up, but I don't think that would help much anyways. See...this photo was taken this morning.

I know I needed to have these wisdom teeth removed, but whoa!
They say that after age 30 it is much more painful because the bone is harder and more difficult to remove the teeth, and also recovery is slower.
Yay, another benefit to aging! But also after age 30 it is much less likely that my top wisdom teeth will move or cause me problems and require removal, so that is a plus.

I still feel pretty miserable, so I hope this post isn't too whiny...especially for Mother's Day.
I'm on a steady diet of pain meds, and I can tell the time by 4 hour intervals. lol.

The girls are being pretty good, they haven't fussed when Mama can only read them one bedtime story at night instead of three because it hurts too much to talk that much.
It's been wonderful that the girls are so close in age and get along so well. They've been playing together and keeping each other entertained, and like to watch the same shows and movies too.
It's too cute to watch them laugh at the same part in their cartoons. :)

Friday, May 07, 2010

Me, on the rocks

I'm typing this blog with a baggie of crushed ice held to my jaw.
The girls woke me a few times last night and then I couldn't get back to sleep because I was in too much pain. :(
So at 2am I came downstairs and ate some Jello (so I'd have something in my stomach) and took more medicine, then I had to wait an hour for the meds to kick in before I could fall back asleep.

The one side of my mouth, where the deeper wisdom tooth was, is very sore. I kept startling myself awake last night whenever I'd accidentally turn my head to that side on the pillow (which of course is the side I always sleep on) and I'd get a stab of pain.
This morning my jaw was really swollen, and stiff, and has slight purple bruising. It even hurt to swallow! The girls kept giving me odd looks, since I had/have this one big chipmunk cheek, lol.
So I've been keeping myself medicated and iced. I tried chewing some fairly soft food but it made everything taste like blood which turned my stomach so I'm sticking to mostly liquids now. At least it is only one side that is bothering me and not both!

The Dentist's office did call to check up on me which I appreciated and they gave me some suggestions to help too.

DH watched the girls and let me nap on the couch this morning, when he woke up and he even did a load of laundry (though it was mostly his clothes). :)

The girls were very good for me today, despite the fact that Shiloh didn't take a nap and Vivi didn't take her second one. It meant they went to bed early tonight so I can hopefully catch up on some sleep myself.
They played together very well and quietly, which was so nice since either the medicine or the pain, or maybe both, has wiped me out. I just felt constantly exhausted today.

Hopefully tomorrow I'll be in better a person shape instead of a chipmunk!

Thursday, May 06, 2010

Minus two teeth today

The surgery to remove two of my wisdom teeth went well.
It only took about 45 minutes for the surgery. It felt like it was a bit difficult to wake from the anesthesia though, I remember the nurse saying that I could open my eyes and that I was all done about three times...but my eyes were so heavy.
It might have just been the tired Mommy in me though, that wanted a little longer nap. :)

My mouth and lips took a full 6 hours before they were no longer numb in places. So I ended up having to eat my Jello in front of a mirror, because I couldn't get my lips and tongue to work properly. lol...that's a Candid camera moment. ;-)

One of the teeth is mostly pain-free, the other side where the wisdom tooth was deep and laying sideways is sore and swollen both inside and out.
The Ibuprofen didn't touch the pain at all, but the Lortab is good....even though it makes me sleepy. I can tell when it starts to wear off!

I really appreciate having an ice machine that makes crushed ice. I've been filling little plastic bags with ice and holding them to my jaw most of the afternoon.
Every time Vivi saw the ice she'd ask for some for her drinks. :)

My Mom was my "Designated Driver" and also my translator when we ran to the Pharmacy to pick up my prescription since I couldn't properly form understandable words yet. ;)
The kids had a wonderful time playing with their Grama and showing her all their books and toys...and fish....and tomato plants and anything else they could think of. :)

DH wants to get on the computer now so I'll close, just wanted to do a quick update.

Wednesday, May 05, 2010

Are you ready, Tooth Fairy?

And by Tooth Fairy, I mean "The Rock" with a load of cash to exchange for both of my wisdom teeth.
Yeah, that would sweeten this whole thing up...definitely.

Three hours left to eat and/or drink...preparing for my wisdom teeth removal tomorrow.
I'm going to have to really be paying attention though, it's so easy to just get a drink when you feel like one and not really think about it!

Shiloh woke up from her nap today and called me "Mama, i'm all done dreaming now."
I asked her what she had been dreaming about, "i dreamed about my bed" :)

We played "Shopping List" yesterday and the girls loved it. I wrote simple words on a piece of paper and helped Shi sound out the word, then she went and found the a plastic apple or cup, or gave me a kiss. ;-)
Vivian then pretended to drink out of the cup or trade me a banana for an apple and follow Shi around.

Vivian is starting to put little sentences together, like "more egg" or "doose peese" (juice please) and asks for "cha toe" (chocolate toast...which is what we call Nutella on toast).
She wanted to go through our Alphabet signs and she seems to recognize "A"....though she tends to walk through the house saying "Ayeee....Mmmm...Ayeee....Mmmm.." It's nice to have Shiloh so eager to help teach Vivi too, and she'll go through the Alphabet with her as well....and Vivi nods along, because she already knew all that. lol.

Monday, May 03, 2010

Not Us, Monday!

**Not Me Monday is not up yet, but I'll post my contribution now. :)

Some things that my family has certainly, most definitely, absolutely, NOT been doing this past week...

My 22 month old has not been having way too much fun with the newly found freedom that a toddler bed gives her.
She certainly did not empty the diaper stacker that is in her room. She most definitely did not also empty the tissue box that she could just barely reach, and she most positively would never continue on her quiet and mischievous rampage and also empty an entire container of wipes.
Noooo, Not My Child!

My 3 year old did not gulp down her juice and then require three trips to the bathroom while we were out running errands for only about an hour.
If she had, then I would not be apprehensive about potty-training her sister because that might mean I never get any shopping actually done between the two. Noo...Not Me!

When we brought our recalled crib back to the store...nuts, screws, and various parts certainly did not fall off the crib as we were walking through the store and we weren't sent scurrying after them...No way! No screws loose here! ;-)

Saturday, May 01, 2010

On Target

Happy May Day! Not the S.O.S know what I mean... ;-)

Yesterday I dismantled Vivian's recalled crib and set her up in the toddler bed. She slept great last night, and one of her naps today went smoothly.
Her second nap was kind of odd, she asked to take her nap only about an hour after her first nap ended...and then she didn't nap at all, just goofed off.
Tonight she climbed out of bed once and I just put her back in and she fell right asleep, but she just woke up again which is unusual for her, but it sounded like she kicked the wall or bumped her head into the wall or side of the bed, so she might need a little time to get used to it.

I called Wal-Mart yesterday with all of my crib information and they said to bring it in. So this morning we brought the whole crib into the Wal-Mart store, and then they tell me that they don't have the crib model number on their they can't help us at all.
I told them that the recall is for all model numbers of our brand, and that they could look directly on the CPSC website and see it for themselves, and I asked to speak to a Manager.
I spoke with the Manager of Customer Service and she said they could do nothing for us.
So we loaded the crib back into the car, with both the kids, and I told DH that I was going to write a letter to Wal-Mart and complain about how they handled this recall...which I did.
I just kept thinking that if they turn away someone else, that person just might put their child back into the crib, not being able to afford a replacement or something...

Then I said "Target is right across the street, how about I just run in there with the information...not the whole crib, just the info and just see if they can help us or not".
Bull's eye!!! ;-)
Target was awesome, they looked up the information on their little kiosk and saw right away that our crib was indeed recalled.
No problem at all. So guess where we did our morning shopping!
I sent them a nice letter too, right after I wrote to Wal-Mart. :)

So that was our crazy morning, and all before 10am too!
It's scary though to know our crib was potentially dangerous and both my children slept in it.

It was a lovely sunny afternoon though. I put the girls' seedlings in the sunshine and both Shiloh and Vivi have to check them about 5x a day to see how they're growing. :)

I think I've created a monster by sharing my Milano's with Shiloh. She saw the cookies in Target "ooh Mama, chocolate Min-ah-noes! i like Min-ah-noes! Can we get these Min-ah-noes?"

Then I was complaining out loud about some problems with the laptop and saying it was all messed up.
Shiloh looked at me seriously and nodded "did Dada do it?"
Lol, She knows her Daddy sooo well. :-D