Wednesday, May 05, 2010

Are you ready, Tooth Fairy?

And by Tooth Fairy, I mean "The Rock" with a load of cash to exchange for both of my wisdom teeth.
Yeah, that would sweeten this whole thing up...definitely.

Three hours left to eat and/or drink...preparing for my wisdom teeth removal tomorrow.
I'm going to have to really be paying attention though, it's so easy to just get a drink when you feel like one and not really think about it!

Shiloh woke up from her nap today and called me "Mama, i'm all done dreaming now."
I asked her what she had been dreaming about, "i dreamed about my bed" :)

We played "Shopping List" yesterday and the girls loved it. I wrote simple words on a piece of paper and helped Shi sound out the word, then she went and found the a plastic apple or cup, or gave me a kiss. ;-)
Vivian then pretended to drink out of the cup or trade me a banana for an apple and follow Shi around.

Vivian is starting to put little sentences together, like "more egg" or "doose peese" (juice please) and asks for "cha toe" (chocolate toast...which is what we call Nutella on toast).
She wanted to go through our Alphabet signs and she seems to recognize "A"....though she tends to walk through the house saying "Ayeee....Mmmm...Ayeee....Mmmm.." It's nice to have Shiloh so eager to help teach Vivi too, and she'll go through the Alphabet with her as well....and Vivi nods along, because she already knew all that. lol.

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