Friday, May 21, 2010

Attack of the toilet paper

Potty-training is going much better this time.
I think it really helps that she wants to train, and that she has a big sister as an example. It's also much nicer to do training in warmer weather!
A majority of pees are making their goal, and she is asking to go potty frequently.
We had a little bump yesterday because we went shopping, so I put a diaper on her. We took a potty break at the store but she was nervous about the restroom toilet and I didn't push it because that can be another whole issue.
She kept fidgeting with her diaper and ended up moving it enough that she leaked through...though fortunately it was just as we got home.
Then it took a little while to get her back on track that afternoon but she's realizing that she doesn't like to be even a little damp so she's really trying to catch herself.
Even when we took the girls out in the yard to play and all the distractions, Vivi asked to go potty a couple of times. I don't think she did much but she is really trying to recognize her body's signals and working hard to stay dry.

Shortly after I put her to bed last night, we could hear Vivi banging against her wall, which was odd because she normally falls asleep very quickly.
She was non-stop scratching her arms, and when I checked her in the light both arms were suddenly plastered with hives!
I covered her with a hydrocortisone cream and switched her to a long-sleeved shirt. We let her stay up for awhile to forget about the itching and she was pretty hyper.
I held off on giving her any Benadryl until this morning when she started scratching again, in case it would make her more awake.
Nothing I can attribute it to really, so just random hives...they've cleared up today. (maybe stress from potty-training...who knows?)

I had a migraine yesterday which tends to make me a little more sensitive to smells. Well, Shiloh was sitting on my lap playing with little plastic lions and tigers and they just stunk of such a strong plastic smell to me that it was turning my stomach.
So I asked her if she could sit somewhere else or not play with lions because they stunk so badly.
She said "They don't stink Mama. They don't have gas....Lions don't have gas." :D

Then DH wanted Shi to sit on his lap, but she wanted to come into the other room where I was instead, but he kept asking her.
So she told him "Don't make this any more complicated than it is Dad....Don't make this any more harder."
He came into the other room, just dumbfounded, "Do you know what Shiloh just told me?" lol
So weird to hear myself mirrored by my 3 year old!
I know I have told her that before because she's so overly dramatic sometimes, so I've told her she's just making things harder or more complicated. least I know she's listening!

Vivian has just learned to shrug her shoulders...well, one shoulder anyways.
She does it in response to just about every question asked her! It's both funny, because she doesn't quite have it down right and frustrating because it's not really an answer!

Wal-Mart is really not racking up the points with me lately. We hadn't gone there in awhile but we went last week.
I took Shiloh to the restroom and we used the handicapped stall. When I reached for the toilet paper the whole "double jumbo roll" toilet paper holder fell off the wall!!
I pushed Shiloh out of the way, but didn't managed to avoid it entirely myself...seeing as I was sitting on a toilet! Fortunately I was wearing jeans so I suffered only a pink scrape on my leg, but man, that thing was heavy! I went out to customer service to let them know their kamikaze toilet paper rack was now on the floor and there wasn't a single person there. bah!
So beware of attacking toilet paper dispensers!

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