Friday, May 14, 2010

Can you handle the syringe?

I had my recheck appointment with the dental surgeon yesterday.

My stitches had dissolved/fallen out at 5 and 6 days post-op and my bruising is rapidly fading.
When the dentist asked how I was doing I explained to him how one side had been very easy while the other side would still bleed sometimes, was still a little sore, and pointed out my bruising.

He frowned and quickly went to my chart, then nodded and said that it was a deep tooth so it is a harder recovery.
He gave me an irrigation syringe to help clean out the wounds until they heal up more fully.

This is trickier than it looks...the first time I used it, it shot water all over my shirt. I also didn't realize that the wounds were still full of blood...which the water spray forcefully ejected....all over the place.

Reason 100,001 why I didn't become a dentist. Plus they probably expect you to be able to handle a simple syringe before they hand you a drill....well, I hope so anyways!

Vivian keeps deciding that she wants to be a "big girl" about things. She's basically given up sippy cups in favor of drinking...and spilling from a regular cup. Yesterday she decided she no longer wants to sit in her booster chair at the table, she wants to sit at a regular chair. Independence is messy!

Ironically enough Shiloh prefers sippy cups and now she wants to sit in the vacated booster seat!

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Heather said...

I had that syringe thing too... funnnnnnnn.