Sunday, May 16, 2010

Happy cows make...?

I think we have higher ambitions for our backyard than it can handle.

DH keeps wanting to put stone borders around my roses, and he already has put one around the lilac bush, but I'm afraid it will cut out more yard and play space, gardening space, kiddie pool space, bird feeder space...etc.
Our tomato seedlings are doing way better than I, where to put 50 tomato plants?

Some I plan to keep in our porch but a majority need a garden dug out...and that's not even mentioning the zucchini (well only one lowly plant has come up so far) or pumpkins, or the invisible green beans....probably some dud seeds there.

"Yes, those pots of dirt over, those are the green beans...they are in stealth mode. It's the best way to get them into your kids, you see, they don't even know the beans are on their plates!"

We were also considering a swing set for the girls, nothing too big, but then DH hung Shiloh's old swing from a pine tree in our yard, and while Shiloh loves it....Vivi is scared. She might sit in it for 0.2 seconds before she's reaching for you saying "no, no, no, no..."

She keeps trying it though, because Shiloh sits there and Vivi really wants to keep up with everything that Shi does. ;-)

One month now until Vivian's 2nd birthday! She's been doing great in her toddler bed, it seems she's ready to cut out her 2nd nap though in favor of a longer morning nap instead. It would be nice to have the girls on the same nap time but that doesn't seem to be working so well yet. Shiloh won't sleep at all if she's put down too early and Vivi is cranky and sleepy if I try to hold off her nap til a little later....though I have had some success getting the naps to overlap a bit.

We have drama club here...quite frequently, perhaps I should start giving out Oscars? ;-)

When Vivian wants attention...or to change the focus of attention such as when she's been scolded, she drops suddenly to her knees and says "Ow, ow, owww! Mama! Mama! Owwww!" Who could scold a poor hurt baby, after all!

Shiloh was upset because she was having a little dinner party with Vivian and Vivi started throwing plastic food on the floor. Sobbing into my neck, "you have to help me, Mama! you have to help me with Vivian!" meanwhile Vivi wandered over and pet Shiloh's head sympathetically and said "awwwww...." lol

Can't forget the costumes either....Shiloh was wearing sunglasses AND a cat mask at the same time the other day, and Vivian's choice of costumes was taking off her shirt and wearing two stuffed snakes around her neck instead. It was like a Baby WWE wardrobe!

I was reading stories to the girls tonight and when I asked Shiloh where orange juice comes from, she replied cows. So I asked her what the picture was on the container of milk in the book.

Shiloh: "that's a cow Mom, because that is cow's milk. Orange juice just comes from a little cow...there are milk cows and there are orange juice cows, Mom."

Lol, she just kept going on and on about the orange juice cows!

I also realized that my "Goliath" sounds a lot like Arnold Schwarzenegger. "hey you puny boy! you come out here wit 5 stones? Bwahahaha!"

"Hasta La Vistaaa!"...*THUD*

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