Friday, May 07, 2010

Me, on the rocks

I'm typing this blog with a baggie of crushed ice held to my jaw.
The girls woke me a few times last night and then I couldn't get back to sleep because I was in too much pain. :(
So at 2am I came downstairs and ate some Jello (so I'd have something in my stomach) and took more medicine, then I had to wait an hour for the meds to kick in before I could fall back asleep.

The one side of my mouth, where the deeper wisdom tooth was, is very sore. I kept startling myself awake last night whenever I'd accidentally turn my head to that side on the pillow (which of course is the side I always sleep on) and I'd get a stab of pain.
This morning my jaw was really swollen, and stiff, and has slight purple bruising. It even hurt to swallow! The girls kept giving me odd looks, since I had/have this one big chipmunk cheek, lol.
So I've been keeping myself medicated and iced. I tried chewing some fairly soft food but it made everything taste like blood which turned my stomach so I'm sticking to mostly liquids now. At least it is only one side that is bothering me and not both!

The Dentist's office did call to check up on me which I appreciated and they gave me some suggestions to help too.

DH watched the girls and let me nap on the couch this morning, when he woke up and he even did a load of laundry (though it was mostly his clothes). :)

The girls were very good for me today, despite the fact that Shiloh didn't take a nap and Vivi didn't take her second one. It meant they went to bed early tonight so I can hopefully catch up on some sleep myself.
They played together very well and quietly, which was so nice since either the medicine or the pain, or maybe both, has wiped me out. I just felt constantly exhausted today.

Hopefully tomorrow I'll be in better a person shape instead of a chipmunk!

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