Thursday, May 06, 2010

Minus two teeth today

The surgery to remove two of my wisdom teeth went well.
It only took about 45 minutes for the surgery. It felt like it was a bit difficult to wake from the anesthesia though, I remember the nurse saying that I could open my eyes and that I was all done about three times...but my eyes were so heavy.
It might have just been the tired Mommy in me though, that wanted a little longer nap. :)

My mouth and lips took a full 6 hours before they were no longer numb in places. So I ended up having to eat my Jello in front of a mirror, because I couldn't get my lips and tongue to work properly. lol...that's a Candid camera moment. ;-)

One of the teeth is mostly pain-free, the other side where the wisdom tooth was deep and laying sideways is sore and swollen both inside and out.
The Ibuprofen didn't touch the pain at all, but the Lortab is good....even though it makes me sleepy. I can tell when it starts to wear off!

I really appreciate having an ice machine that makes crushed ice. I've been filling little plastic bags with ice and holding them to my jaw most of the afternoon.
Every time Vivi saw the ice she'd ask for some for her drinks. :)

My Mom was my "Designated Driver" and also my translator when we ran to the Pharmacy to pick up my prescription since I couldn't properly form understandable words yet. ;)
The kids had a wonderful time playing with their Grama and showing her all their books and toys...and fish....and tomato plants and anything else they could think of. :)

DH wants to get on the computer now so I'll close, just wanted to do a quick update.

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