Saturday, May 29, 2010

Monkeys on the bed

My two monkeys both fell off their beds on the same night.
The other night was pretty hot so Shiloh wanted to sleep at the foot of her bed because it was closer to the fan, but the rail is not down she rolled off the bed.
It didn't faze her, I ran upstairs because I heard the sound of her fall and she was already crawling back into bed.
Vivian used to sleep so soundly that she'd barely move an inch but now she's all over the place. Several times I've found her sitting on the floor with just her head and arms on the bed...sound asleep, she just slowly slides off the bed that way and stays asleep.
But the other night she did a 180 and then rolled off the bed. That woke her up, but at least she's just in a low toddler bed and has carpet to land on.

She hates to be even slightly damp from potty-training so I have to change her a lot. Even at night, she has woken me up just to change her damp diaper...then she'll fall back asleep. A few times she has resisted even having a diaper put on her for naps or bedtime but she still needs them so I insist.
I know she'll wake up wet and crabby because her sleep is interrupted, and I'll have clothes, a crabby toddler, sheets, and mattress pads to wash on top of that!
We have not had an accident-free day yet. I need to focus on making her take bathroom breaks more regularly I think. Our summer routine changes more often too which throws her off.

I've found she really needs a little privacy to make things happen. If I just step outside the bathroom, just out of sight, it seems to help. Makes me nervous though, because I don't want her to try to get down and fall off!

There also was a reason behind Vivian learning to say Shiloh's name. Now when I ask her if she peed on the floor, she shakes her head no and says "Nooo...Shalah!"
"Oh, Shiloh peed on the floor?"
Vivi nods vigorously.
Honestly, isn't she just too young to start blaming her sister?? She's not even Two yet!!

She ended up in a pretty funky outfit the other day, due to changing articles of her clothing from potty training accidents.
We were about to head out to the store and I noticed Vivian had blue barrettes in her hair, a black shirt, hot pink capris, and neon green socks.
Somehow it was so mismatched that it worked! lol.

I went out and had my hair cut the other day, using a gift certificate that my sister got for me (thanks Heath!) :)
I had my hair done by Petra...that's like a perfect hairdresser name! :)
She had fun playing around with my hair and showing me different ways I could style it at home...ha-ha!
I would have better luck styling my hair myself if I just rubbed a staticky balloon on my head, but I am trying!

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