Monday, May 03, 2010

Not Us, Monday!

**Not Me Monday is not up yet, but I'll post my contribution now. :)

Some things that my family has certainly, most definitely, absolutely, NOT been doing this past week...

My 22 month old has not been having way too much fun with the newly found freedom that a toddler bed gives her.
She certainly did not empty the diaper stacker that is in her room. She most definitely did not also empty the tissue box that she could just barely reach, and she most positively would never continue on her quiet and mischievous rampage and also empty an entire container of wipes.
Noooo, Not My Child!

My 3 year old did not gulp down her juice and then require three trips to the bathroom while we were out running errands for only about an hour.
If she had, then I would not be apprehensive about potty-training her sister because that might mean I never get any shopping actually done between the two. Noo...Not Me!

When we brought our recalled crib back to the store...nuts, screws, and various parts certainly did not fall off the crib as we were walking through the store and we weren't sent scurrying after them...No way! No screws loose here! ;-)

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