Saturday, May 01, 2010

On Target

Happy May Day! Not the S.O.S know what I mean... ;-)

Yesterday I dismantled Vivian's recalled crib and set her up in the toddler bed. She slept great last night, and one of her naps today went smoothly.
Her second nap was kind of odd, she asked to take her nap only about an hour after her first nap ended...and then she didn't nap at all, just goofed off.
Tonight she climbed out of bed once and I just put her back in and she fell right asleep, but she just woke up again which is unusual for her, but it sounded like she kicked the wall or bumped her head into the wall or side of the bed, so she might need a little time to get used to it.

I called Wal-Mart yesterday with all of my crib information and they said to bring it in. So this morning we brought the whole crib into the Wal-Mart store, and then they tell me that they don't have the crib model number on their they can't help us at all.
I told them that the recall is for all model numbers of our brand, and that they could look directly on the CPSC website and see it for themselves, and I asked to speak to a Manager.
I spoke with the Manager of Customer Service and she said they could do nothing for us.
So we loaded the crib back into the car, with both the kids, and I told DH that I was going to write a letter to Wal-Mart and complain about how they handled this recall...which I did.
I just kept thinking that if they turn away someone else, that person just might put their child back into the crib, not being able to afford a replacement or something...

Then I said "Target is right across the street, how about I just run in there with the information...not the whole crib, just the info and just see if they can help us or not".
Bull's eye!!! ;-)
Target was awesome, they looked up the information on their little kiosk and saw right away that our crib was indeed recalled.
No problem at all. So guess where we did our morning shopping!
I sent them a nice letter too, right after I wrote to Wal-Mart. :)

So that was our crazy morning, and all before 10am too!
It's scary though to know our crib was potentially dangerous and both my children slept in it.

It was a lovely sunny afternoon though. I put the girls' seedlings in the sunshine and both Shiloh and Vivi have to check them about 5x a day to see how they're growing. :)

I think I've created a monster by sharing my Milano's with Shiloh. She saw the cookies in Target "ooh Mama, chocolate Min-ah-noes! i like Min-ah-noes! Can we get these Min-ah-noes?"

Then I was complaining out loud about some problems with the laptop and saying it was all messed up.
Shiloh looked at me seriously and nodded "did Dada do it?"
Lol, She knows her Daddy sooo well. :-D

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