Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Pull out the swimsuits!

DH filled up the kiddie pool this morning, so this afternoon I was able to take the girls out to splash around...in May!
It was soo hot today that it really was perfect pool weather.
At first I wasn't planning on joining the girls but then I decided to put my suit on because it was soo hot and I also wasn't sure what Vivian would do. I figured if she cried for me, I'd have to get in the pool or if she was daring and standing up or trying out the slide I'd really need to be in the pool to keep a hand on her.
Good thing too because Vivi started crying for me the second I put her in the pool!
She sat on my lap in the water for half an hour, well rather on my knee because she didn't want to get too deep in the water.
Eventually she did sit by herself but that was the extent of her bravery.
She actually was more daring last year!
It's funny how they go through these stages, but since Shi was everywhere and up and down the slide I think Vivi will be trying to keep up with her soon enough.
She can't let Shi have all the fun! :)

After being woken by Vivian at 5am this morning, I thought I would have Vivi skip her afternoon nap and Shi skip her only nap in exchange for pool time....and hopefully exhausted kiddos at an early bedtime.
Shiloh only took about 30 minutes to fall asleep. Vivian...ugh, I miss her crib.
I put her down at 7:30 and it took her until 9pm to fall asleep. :(
So much for wearing her out, it should have worked too....I mean, I am exhausted! It wore Me out!...and I have caffeine to help me stay awake!

I told Shiloh it was nap time the other day and she replied "No Mom, it not nap time yet. i not bein' crabby yet!" ;-D

Vivian gets in these chatty stages but she really doesn't know what to say. So she tends to get right in your face and keep repeating "Hi! hi! Hi! hi! Hi! hi!" She wants you to say "hi" back and thinks it is pretty amusing.
Shiloh is very patient and usually humors Vivian longer than we will, but today eventually she started saying "i don't want to say hi anymore, Viv! no hi. no hi. i don't want to say hi anymore, Viv! no more hi!"

In the past couple days Vivian came up with a new game, she runs over to a door and bangs on it a couple times then gasps "Uh! Dada!". Then both girls giggle and squeal and run away from the door and "Dada" until Vivian knocks on it again. ;-D

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