Tuesday, May 18, 2010

A "what" doll?

The weather has finally warmed up enough to work seriously on potty-training.
When I was dressing Vivi the other day, she said "no diaper" so I asked if she wanted panties instead and she nodded! It was just so odd because I was planning to work on training that day too.
She's watched the "Elmo potty" video countless times and we're using stickers as a reward....which is a big hit and now Shiloh wants stickers too. :)
Shiloh gets a sticker now when she is helpful with potty-training Vivi, when she helps get dry clothes or encourages Vivian.

Vivi was breaking out in a big patch of dry skin (eczema) on her back right at the edge of her diaper which was really irritating her, so I think that was a big motivator for her to kick the diapers. This crazy weather really bothers her skin.
Not that she hasn't asked for a diaper since then though!

I was shopping online for Vivian's birthday presents. I had Shiloh on my lap and she spotted a little stuffed "Alvin and the Chipmunks" doll on the screen.
"Look Mom, a spin-me-right-round doll!" She said excitedly.
"A what?!?!"
"A spin-me-right-round-baby-right-round doll!"
She saw a commercial. I think it was just one commercial, and she remembers it!

I didn't buy the doll...just in case you were wondering. I wasn't even shopping for the doll but it popped up as a "suggestion".
Shiloh had a lot of suggestions of things to buy too, but they didn't quite have "Vivian" in mind. ;-)
When I mentioned that to Shiloh, she said "Let's shop for Shiloh!" lol...why didn't I think of that!

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