Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Terro Liquid Ant Bait - a review

We were having trouble with sugar ants.
Usually we would just see a few and spray around the house, around the doors etc. and that would be it.
This time we just kept finding random "seeker" ants all over. I would reach in the bookshelf and find an ant or pick up a paper off the table and find an ant.
It was driving me nuts!
I exhausted myself and deep cleaned the whole downstairs, emptying the girls toy bin and washing all their toys in case something there was attracting the ants and I didn't even find any in the girls' stuff...I vacuumed and scrubbed but the next day I was still finding ants in random places.

So I put out some Terro Ant traps in the places where I had most often seen the ants. This involved placing one behind the bookshelf because I didn't want to girls to come in contact with the bait at all.
I had heard good things about Terro online. Actually if you look there are lot of videos online of ants swarming these traps....some people are a little bored?
It is gross.
...and it happened! Though not to the magnitude shown in those videos but it's really hard not to kill those ants when you see them.
I suggest putting them down before you go to bed, then you can sleep obliviously to the colony of ants marching one by one through your house...hurrah, hurrah. :)
Anyways...the ants took the bait back to colony and that was it. I haven't seen a single ant since!

I removed the bait now, because I heard that they can attract a different colony if you do not remove them after the first one is gone.
So I am pretty happy with this ant bait.
My only caution would be to put the trap on a piece of paper, the liquid sometimes seeps out or spills if it gets bumped and it is really sticky stuff. Oh and obviously keep them away from your kids!

One man's trash...and let's keep it that way.

Today went much better. :)

Vivi was her normal happy self and played nicely with her sister. yay!
She also is suddenly doing much better with staying dry between bathroom breaks! yay-yay!

We went to the restaurant for a little bit to visit. The only time for the whole day where Vivian acted like her teeth were bothering her was whenever a person she didn't know would talk to her or carry her.
Then she immediately would start pulling on her ears, scratching her jaw, and shoving her fingers in her mouth.
As soon as she was back in my arms or lap and the other people walked far enough away, she'd start smiling/talking/playing/eating/drinking etc.
The person(s) would come back and she'd turn sullen and start tugging at her ears again.
Soo...I don't know.

They are having a garage sale at the restaurant...and I really, really, hope it is over soon!
DH keeps coming home with little garage sale "treasures", and most times when I ask where he is going to put these "treasures", he says he needs them in garage.

So our "garage-sale-decorated" garage....may soon be retitled "DH's Doghouse". ahem.

I was also so thrilled when during our visit, they started giving garage sale "treasures" to the girls too. So now Shiloh has some teenage game that is missing batteries and for kids ages 12 and up....really useful for a 3 year old!

And Vivi now has a little collection of 3" stuffed bears that came free when you buy fabric softener!
This is just a case of one man's junk...becoming my junk!

While we at the restaurant though, Shiloh said "Mom look! That sign says Exit!" and that just made my whole day! She read the sign by herself!!! :-D

Two or Teething...

The day started so nicely yesterday, the sun shining and there was a nice cool breeze...

After Vivian's nap, I took the girls to the grocery store.
Vivi was in the cart and Shi was walking on my feet.
Shiloh is so much like me as a child, when I tell to stay "right next to me" in the store, she is practically on my foot and I trip over her the whole time. lol
We only got down the first aisle when Vivi suddenly starts yelling and crying!
I got her calmed down, though I still don't know why she started crying in the first place and then she was fine throughout the rest of the store.
The girls even had to wait in the long customer-service line with me and they were great and quietly stayed right next to me. The store had put diapers on a shelf that said they were $19 for a big box....then charged me $35! Thirty-Five Dollars!
When I told the service lady that I didn't want the diapers if they were that price, she whispered to me "I don't blame you!" ;-D

Then I took the girls to a clothing store and they were both very good...a bit obsessed with making faces at themselves in the full-length mirrors but otherwise... ;-)
Shiloh actually loved looking at purses, she has a definite opinion on what she likes. She also was picking out clothes and said that she wanted this or that and I told her that I thought they were a bit big for her.
She said "No, not for me, beautiful for you Mama!" :) So sweet!

Vivian is starting to try harder to make it to the potty before she wets her panties. This means a million trips to the bathroom where she doesn't actually do anything.
She just sits, looks serious, then says "Ah dum! Ah dum!" (all done).
Yesterday, every time....every time that Shiloh had to use the bathroom, Vivi would say she had to pee too and then would fuss and cry if I let Shiloh use the potty first! ugh!

Then she had an actual tantrum! She apologized after she was disciplined, and I gave her some Motrin in case her teeth were bothering her because she's normally not so miserable.

But even after I knew the Motrin should be working, she was still in bad form.
She refused to apologize to Shiloh, and every time I brought her to Shiloh...Shiloh would apologize to her like 3x!
Vivi did apologize...eventually. Mama was ready for a nap after that battle of wills....and in my opinion refusing to apologize is not an teething issue!
Vivian is such a funny and happy child, but she also is very willful.

The rest of the afternoon Vivi was happy and giggling one second, then the next she was flinging herself on the floor because of simple little things like Shiloh eating the cereal that Vivi said she didn't want in the first place. Ack!

At least by evening she was better, we all laid out coloring books and crayons on the living room floor and were all coloring and she started kicking the books. When I told her no, she smacked her offending foot and that was that...and that's much more normal for her.
Later we marched around the house singing "The Ants go marching" and the girls absolutely loved it...especially since I forgot most of the lyrics and had to ad-lib. ;-D
But to end the day Vivi fell off Shiloh's bed, so she really was just not having a good day all around. (she is fine)

This morning she started in again, but the threat of discipline alone was enough. She's napping now.
Actually I'm hoping it is terrible two's...they tend to test you for a few days then behave better. Teething is so random in the ways and times that it bothers them...but I know she has 4 molars left to come and those can be the worst!

I need to stock up on Children's Motrin for her and Excedrin for me!

Friday, June 25, 2010

Just a Mom injury...saga

I do not really like to walk barefoot.
I am just not very good at it.
I have stepped on a carton staple, kicked the hinge of a door, and had cellphone and sippy cups dropped on my bare feet in the past.
But still summertime comes and I kick off my shoes, after all the Doctors recommend it for better foot health and my DH is a big advocate of bare feet because his country is so hot, though I do draw the line at walking barefoot outdoors!

About three days ago I was walking with a load of laundry and felt something sharp against the heel of my bare foot. I didn't see anything on the floor and my foot wasn't bothering me too badly with each step nor was I dripping blood, so I continued on to the washing machine and started working on the laundry.
By the time I put the detergent and fabric softener in and turned the machine on, I had forgotten about my foot and went on to get the coffee pot set for the next day and so on.

Then yesterday I felt a pain again in my heel and noticed the skin was really rough there so I thought the skin probably caught on a fiber of the rug which pulled it and made it hurt. I put a carebear bandaid on so the skin wouldn't catch on anything else, then caught Shiloh's cup before she spilled milk everywhere and rushed Vivi to the potty and forgot about it.

Today, my carebear bandaid started to fall off (sad, I know).
I noticed there was a little spot of blood on the bandaid, hmm, I looked closer at my foot and there is a small wound on my heel.
Huh! So where and when did I get that? think. think. think.
Finally I remembered about the pain in my heel when I was carrying laundry.
I felt around on the carpet, and it took me a long time of carefully pressing the carpet but eventually I felt something small and sharp barely poking up from under the carpet.
A nail.
A nail pointing straight up but through the carpet pad and carpet it never quite made it to the surface. It was also in an area where you really have to step on it just right just wrong to ever find it.
Indeed we've lived here for awhile without noticing....but of course I have worn shoes a great deal during that time!
I pulled up the carpet a bit but the nail was firm through the boards of the floor, so I just grabbed a hammer and pounded it back down.
So it is no longer a danger to me, after all it is only I who would find a hidden nail in the floor and step on it in the precise way necessary to injure myself...and then not really find out about it 'til three days later!
Then I had to give myself some "third-aid", since first-aid doesn't quite seem to be the right title on day three...

At least the girls weren't the first ones to find it!

First Appointment

Shiloh was quite excited to have her first dentist appointment yesterday.
She's been wanting and asking to have an "appointment" for quite awhile!
When the hygienist started the exam by explaining to Shi that she would have her teeth cleaned and get a new toothbrush and a sticker, Shiloh actually jumped with glee and clapped her hands. :D
The hygienist there was excellent with children and she explained everything to Shiloh first and let her touch things and look in the mirror. She did everything to keep the experience fun and positive for Shi.

The only thing that made Shiloh even slightly nervous was when the chair moved up and the backrest lowered. She didn't cry though!
The lady said that Shiloh was the happiest child they had ever had in the office, then she went and got their big reward stickers for Shi instead of the smaller ones they normally give for just a cleaning. She even asked me if Shiloh is always that happy! lol

And the best part of all...healthy teeth and no cavities! :-D

I had to move Vivian's bed away from the wall yesterday. She used to do this jailbird thing of running her cellphone across the bars of her crib when she was bored. Now in the toddler bed she started doing the same thing with cellphone and the wall!
Half of a Magic Eraser (well, Dollar store version) later and I've gotten the wall mostly mark-free.
She did alright last night, I moved her away from the edge of the bed once and she stayed in the bed fine all night and at nap time.

We have our hummingbird feeder attached to our dining room window and its been so nice to be able to watch the birds. For a long time we've just had one skinny juvenile one, his colors are still quite dull though he's obviously plumped up a lot since he first started coming to the feeder.
Then the other day a beautiful ruby-throated male started visiting the feeder too, though not as often as the baby who often just sits on feeder looking around too.
DH was sitting at the table when the hummingbird came to the feeder and Shiloh instantly starts instructing him "look Dada, it's the hummingbird! don't move, you scare him! don't move! Shhh! stay there! don't move!" ;-)

Monday, June 21, 2010

Not My Child, Monday!

It's "Not Me, Monday" time, the space to tell things that I have Not been doing this past week....or in this case, what my children have Not no way, Not no how been doing.

My newly minted 2 year old did not burst into dramatic tears when she simply could not get a kitchen rug placed perfectly! She did not request a tissue for her alligator tears, then smile and run off playing as if nothing had happened, which of course it did Not. She does not require a tissue several times a day, regardless of whether there are actual tears...the drama alone requires the right props.

My potty-training child did not become upset when I refused to give her a mini M&M after I flushed the toilet. She did not somehow think that a flushing toilet = reward. Noo, Not My Child!
She also did not investigate a "mess" in her diaper upon waking from her nap, then start sobbing because the mess was now on her fingers. I certainly did not almost kiss messy fingers because I mistook the way she was holding her fingers to mean that she had pinched or hurt them. Nooo, that didn't happen.
The same aforementioned child certainly did not have a bm on the floor.
Nooo, and this child would not, only acknowledge this fact when she stepped into the, no, nooo.
Then this child would not run crying to me, which would track poo across the floor...and that floor would not be a carpeted floor.
Nope, Not My Child!
*sob* I am so glad that did not happen, otherwise I would feel really bad for myself and this week.
It was also Not my Child that asked for a shower last night as a change from her usual bath....then freaked out.
Shiloh did not cry dramatically "that was a very bad shower! i am having a very big cry and i need a very big Hug!!
Nope, no children like that here!

Friday, June 18, 2010

The Zoo: part two

Shiloh was excited for days leading up to our Zoo trip. When we were waiting to pay for admission Shiloh started jumping up and down excitedly "Look Mama! A bird! A Zoo bird!!"

It was a sparrow.

Then she had equal excitement over a Robin, and throughout the Zoo whenever a bird flew overhead she'd gasp and say "look at that bird!". So cute. :)

My Mom had bought the girls "Barbie as The Island Princess" and it really ended up being the perfect movie to watch before going to the Zoo.
There is a red panda and a peacock in the movie and they were also in the Zoo, so that just seemed to add to Shiloh's excitement. (getting to see the real "Sagi" and "Azul")
Vivian was calmer, but she really liked the peacocks. A white one came walking right by her stroller, and also the variety of ducks they had...a lot of ducklings too. :)

I was surprised that the girls weren't scared by the Tiger, especially since he walked right by us.
The boars and mountain goat were just huge, and I had forgotten just how big Eagles really are too! ...or how smelly camels are!

Thursday, June 17, 2010

The Zoo!

We took the girls on their first trip to a Zoo today!
It was a bit overcast and drizzly but all in all the weather wasn't too bad. It was a little chilly but I brought extra clothes that I layered on the girls which worked well.

The girls loved the Zoo. Vivi was content to sit in the stroller for most of the visit, and she even stayed awake the whole time until it was 3 hours past her nap time and we were on our way home. Shiloh was nervous about the monkey house, toward the end of the house it's quite dark and she stopped dead in her tracks and refused to budge until I picked her up.
They had a Barn which scared her though, so we quickly exited that and it didn't matter anyways because all those animals were in their outside pens, so we still got to see them. She wasn't afraid of any of the actual animals though...just the Barn.

Throughout the whole Zoo, you could hear this Peacock calling. Now Shiloh keeps imitating him. :) She called him "Azul" which is the name of the peacock on one of her Barbie movies.
American Alligator

The Siberian Tiger...I think this was the girls' favorite.

Red Panda...SOOO cute, we went back three times to see her!

I love this picture of the Alpaca... :)

It was a lot of fun for us all. It wasn't a large Zoo but perfect for the girls so they didn't get too tired walking everywhere and we could take our time and go back to see certain exhibits again.

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Hook, Line, and Bird Feeder

Shiloh is getting to an age where she often has dreams and bad dreams.
Sometimes when she wakes in the middle of the night she doesn't make sense explaining them, though lately most of her nightmares have been that "she couldn't find me".
I'm thinking that is related to the hair appointment and all the dentist appointments I've had lately, she doesn't like me leaving the house without her. When I can understand what her dream was, usually I've been able to find the cause or source of the dream.

The other night she had a bad dream and when I was comforting her, I asked about her dream.
She said one of her toys was bad and started making a mess in her room and throwing her toys all over.
(Aha...just before bed, Vivi was making a mess in Shi's room and that upsets Shiloh)
Then I asked her "...and did you have to pick up all the toys and mess in your room?"
Shiloh sniffs "...Noooo...You did!"
"Ahem, okay dear, go back to sleep. That sounds like a bad dream for Mama....not for you!"

The ice cream truck came down our street at 9PM the other night. Fortunately Shi was deep asleep then and the music didn't wake her. We must be the last street on their route or something because it was definitely starting to get too dark for that truck to be out safely and for the kids to even see the signs on the truck!

I took out a neighbor kid with my bird feeder. Seriously.
Now that's talent, how many points do I get for that?
We've had this feeder up since Mother's Day when DH bought it for me. I have a heavy strong shepherd's hook that we hang it my yard.
Tonight I heard the neighbor's boys chasing each other around the neighborhood, then this huge clanging noise!
I didn't even know what the noise was at first so I'm looking out all the windows and my heavy shepherd's hook is now leaning pretty good and the feeder that was strapped on so tight is flung in the middle of the yard!

It was about 8:30pm and I'm already in my pajamas since it was bath night for the girls, so I'm trying to decide if I should get dressed or what to do.
But I give the kid credit, he came back and picked up the feeder and hung it back up. He was only about 9 or 10 but a solid kid, though I still can't believe how hard he hit that pole and feeder!!
He's lucky that the feeder was empty, because I've been asking DH to fill it up but he hadn't yet and it's a decent sized feeder, not a little hummingbird feeder or a small suet rack but a big feeder! The kid had to be looking behind him and running at the same time, because there is no way to miss it.
Our policeman neighbor was on his back porch and he instructed the kid to put the feeder back and asked if he was okay.

Vivian has been talking a lot more and putting more sentences together, and is becoming able to communicate more complicated things.
She asked for "MeMe Ice" yesterday when she was eating...which is, Lemonade with ice. Sometimes she asks for her water with ice too, so she's even able to tell me when she wants ice in her drink.
She asks for toilet paper, tissue, washcloth, vitamin (this is hard to translate though based on sounds alone...her pointing to the vitamin cupboard helps), lip gloss (she rubs her finger on her lips to clue me in since she struggles pronouncing that), "Doo-Ah" is toothbrush but usually she'll touch her teeth and say "teeth" also so she's sure I understand. ;)

Shiloh talks all the time so I know that doesn't give Vivi too many chances to say much more than "Nooo, Mine!" words that quickly became her favorites.
I took the girls to Wal-Mart today and Shiloh was a total backseat driver!
"Turn here Mom, turn here!" "You going too far Mom, I see trees! I see trees!"
"This wrong way, Mom!" "I wanna go to Targit!" (which is how she pronounces Target)
She's only THREE! I am in so much trouble....

Friday, June 11, 2010

Shopping with girls

There are clues that your dentist appointment is not going well.
  1. Your appointment starts 40 minutes late.
  2. The Receptionist asks for your co-pay before the Dentist has even seen you.
  3. They lose your chart/records
  4. They never received your x-rays that they were waiting for from the oral surgeon.
  5. The Dentist asks you if you remember which tooth had the cavity.
  6. Then says..."don't worry, I will find it."
  7. The Dentist says "it's just a tiny cavity so we will try without numbing you if that's okay"
  8. dumbly agree
  9. The Dentist keeps saying "ooh this is deeper than it look. you okay?"
  10. The Dentist had onions for lunch.

Yep, so that about sums up my appt. yesterday.

I'm also wondering why...oh why...the ice cream truck would drive down the street at 8:30pm and park in front of my house with the music blaring. Shiloh woke up sobbing "i hear ice cream music in my room!"

Vivian wanted to watch "Ahh Boo Boo" today. Thankfully she was pointing to the DVD because I'm not sure I would have correctly guessed that she wanted to watch "Ant Bully" ;-)

I took the girls grocery shopping today. It's been awhile since I took them out by myself. I forgot things.

Like I forgot that the girls were wearing cute matching outfits. Big mistake. Cute matching outfits are for pictures and home and visiting relatives and friends. Plain clothes or even boys clothes and hats...dirt on the faces is good too, that's shopping attire. At least it is if Mama wants to get any actual shopping done without being stopped four times.

One older lady even interrogated me. "Are they twins?"


"Just wearing matching outfits?" (duh)

I smiled "Yes..."

"How old?"

"Three and almost Two"

"Well they're sisters anyways, right?"

What the?

Another lady insisted the girls were almost "Irish twins" (which they aren't) so they counted as twins. Then she trapped me next to a cookie display with the story of how her daughter is on her honeymoon with a young baby and how if she comes back with a honeymoon baby that she'll have Irish twins...which the Mom doesn't want....and the Daughter wants...and I didn't really want to know at all! I just wanted some bread and milk! Meanwhile Shiloh danced around my feet chattering endlessly about the cookies and how she liked cookies and that this particular box looked good.

Later we were at the checkout behind a Mom with two little boys that were around the girls' ages. They were practicing their karate chops and army rolls, had imaginary light sabers and invisible guns that went "peew! peew! peew!"

I realized I had the much easier shopping trip. Shiloh did not put her sister in a headlock and Vivi did not army crawl across the dirty supermarket floor.

The cashier watched the boys walk/army crawl/ninja flip away and said "Whoa, I'm not used to that. I had girls!"...then she asked Shiloh if she would like a sticker. :)

We have a lot of girly drama but I don't have much to compare it to the opposite gender. Maybe boys don't sob when they spill water on their clothes and aren't allowed to change immediately, like Shiloh has been known to do? And maybe boys don't fight over tiaras and butterfly wings? or become devastated if their sandwich is cut in 2 pieces instead of 4 pieces or vice versus? or insist on a wet washcloth when they are painting so they don't get messy?

But maybe the genders aren't so different? After all as soon as we arrived home Shiloh ran for her Daddy's nerf dart gun with the lighted scope....though instead of shooting it (as if we could find the darts), she ran through the house moving the light across the floor and a giggling Vivian chased it. :-)

Tuesday, June 08, 2010

Weekend at Camp

I had my dentist appointment last week with Dr. "ooh-that-make-you-gag-a-little" (which is easier to pronounce than his real name). This was just a cleaning and it went really well and he said I have really good teeth and that I take good care of them.
That being said, I may possibly have a small cavity. I have an appt. to have it taken care of this week, he is waiting to see my x-rays from the dental surgeon.
If he doesn't see the cavity then they will cancel my appointment.

The girls and I spent the weekend at my parents' camp.
The weather wasn't great, but it was so nice to get away for a bit and the girls slept really well and had a lot of fun.
Vivian hadn't been to camp since she was 4 weeks old, yet she ran around like she knew the place. I brought her Glo-worm and cellphone and she cuddled those and went right to sleep at bed and nap times. :)
We went out to eat a few times, Vivian ate most everything in sight...while Shi was more interested in talking to Grama and singing and looking around and her drink, rather than eating.
There was a tornado warning while we there too, though it didn't amount to much. It just became windy and Shiloh thought that the trees were angry because they were moving so much.

...and then Grandpa's boat sunk.
It was his smaller boat and it was still tied to the dock so that was good, though my parents were quite soaked trying to bail and pump it out in a rain storm...

Speaking of good soakings, I wasn't sure what to do about potty-training while we were up there, I didn't really want to abandon training, so I brought a bunch of diapers, panties, and her seat attachment and left her out of diapers in the mornings since that is usually her best time.
She really surprised me though and even asked to use the potty a few times while she had a diaper on!
She has been asking more and more to use the bathroom so that is encouraging to me. :)

The birds have finally discovered our feeder. I really need to just fill it with sunflower seeds as that definitely will attract more birds than the mix I am using now.
So far I've seen House Sparrows, Tree Sparrows, Chickadees, Blue Jays, Purple Grackles, Starlings, and a squirrel that sits on the ground praying that the birds will drop him a few seeds. ;-)

Wednesday, June 02, 2010

Wayward Wednesday

Random musings on a Wednesday...
  • I wish my ant bait said whether it is supposed to trap the ants, or the ants are supposed to bring the poison back to the colony....or if it makes the ants drunk and they have a party on my countertops.

  • Shiloh thinks that canned laughter is she laughs at canned laughter...which is funny.

  • Vivian calls my knitting, "nin-ning"

  • I was walking around my house earlier with a "Daisy Duck" sticker stuck to my foot.

  • I realized that we (mostly the girls) have been eating 2lbs. of strawberries a week! Thankfully Aldi's makes them affordable. I looked up the benefits of strawberries today... "Strawberries have higher levels of vitamin c, fiber, folate and potassium than most other fruits like bananas, apples and even oranges." "...eating one serving (about 8-10 strawberries) a day can significantly decrease blood pressure, which may reduce the risk of heart disease." "Other studies showed additional benefits: Strawberries are found to reduce risk of cancer, enhance memory function and rheumatoid arthritis" ...and they taste delicious!

  • I hate when the cooking spray starts spraying when you are just trying to put the lid back on.

  • When I was complaining to Shiloh about something she did the other day, she started rubbing my back saying "it's okay, Mama. it's alright." lol

  • I gave Vivi a colorful new placemat that shows the United States. Then when cleaning up after her meal I spent a long time trying to wipe off a spot...that eventually I realized was part of New Mexico.

  • I moved my laptop and dining room table seating so I could have a better view of the hummingbird feeder. We then ended up watching a wasp eat at the feeder instead and gets itself tangled in a spiderweb and wait to see if the spider would come or wasp would free itself. Quite a cliffhanger! (the wasp freed itself...I won't leave you hanging.) :)

  • The other morning I decided we would have an "accident free" potty training day, I would take Vivi to the potty so regularly that she wouldn't have a chance for an accident. I was all gung-ho about it....and a few minutes later she pooped in her pants.

  • I can't recall ever opening a bad egg before, yet this week I opened TWO. Ugh, I almost threw up! ....twice!

I'm sure I have more random things to share but my Hubby will be home in a minute or two so I must close for now. :)