Friday, June 25, 2010

First Appointment

Shiloh was quite excited to have her first dentist appointment yesterday.
She's been wanting and asking to have an "appointment" for quite awhile!
When the hygienist started the exam by explaining to Shi that she would have her teeth cleaned and get a new toothbrush and a sticker, Shiloh actually jumped with glee and clapped her hands. :D
The hygienist there was excellent with children and she explained everything to Shiloh first and let her touch things and look in the mirror. She did everything to keep the experience fun and positive for Shi.

The only thing that made Shiloh even slightly nervous was when the chair moved up and the backrest lowered. She didn't cry though!
The lady said that Shiloh was the happiest child they had ever had in the office, then she went and got their big reward stickers for Shi instead of the smaller ones they normally give for just a cleaning. She even asked me if Shiloh is always that happy! lol

And the best part of all...healthy teeth and no cavities! :-D

I had to move Vivian's bed away from the wall yesterday. She used to do this jailbird thing of running her cellphone across the bars of her crib when she was bored. Now in the toddler bed she started doing the same thing with cellphone and the wall!
Half of a Magic Eraser (well, Dollar store version) later and I've gotten the wall mostly mark-free.
She did alright last night, I moved her away from the edge of the bed once and she stayed in the bed fine all night and at nap time.

We have our hummingbird feeder attached to our dining room window and its been so nice to be able to watch the birds. For a long time we've just had one skinny juvenile one, his colors are still quite dull though he's obviously plumped up a lot since he first started coming to the feeder.
Then the other day a beautiful ruby-throated male started visiting the feeder too, though not as often as the baby who often just sits on feeder looking around too.
DH was sitting at the table when the hummingbird came to the feeder and Shiloh instantly starts instructing him "look Dada, it's the hummingbird! don't move, you scare him! don't move! Shhh! stay there! don't move!" ;-)

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