Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Hook, Line, and Bird Feeder

Shiloh is getting to an age where she often has dreams and bad dreams.
Sometimes when she wakes in the middle of the night she doesn't make sense explaining them, though lately most of her nightmares have been that "she couldn't find me".
I'm thinking that is related to the hair appointment and all the dentist appointments I've had lately, she doesn't like me leaving the house without her. When I can understand what her dream was, usually I've been able to find the cause or source of the dream.

The other night she had a bad dream and when I was comforting her, I asked about her dream.
She said one of her toys was bad and started making a mess in her room and throwing her toys all over.
(Aha...just before bed, Vivi was making a mess in Shi's room and that upsets Shiloh)
Then I asked her "...and did you have to pick up all the toys and mess in your room?"
Shiloh sniffs "...Noooo...You did!"
"Ahem, okay dear, go back to sleep. That sounds like a bad dream for Mama....not for you!"

The ice cream truck came down our street at 9PM the other night. Fortunately Shi was deep asleep then and the music didn't wake her. We must be the last street on their route or something because it was definitely starting to get too dark for that truck to be out safely and for the kids to even see the signs on the truck!

I took out a neighbor kid with my bird feeder. Seriously.
Now that's talent, how many points do I get for that?
We've had this feeder up since Mother's Day when DH bought it for me. I have a heavy strong shepherd's hook that we hang it on...in my yard.
Tonight I heard the neighbor's boys chasing each other around the neighborhood, then this huge clanging noise!
I didn't even know what the noise was at first so I'm looking out all the windows and my heavy shepherd's hook is now leaning pretty good and the feeder that was strapped on so tight is flung in the middle of the yard!

It was about 8:30pm and I'm already in my pajamas since it was bath night for the girls, so I'm trying to decide if I should get dressed or what to do.
But I give the kid credit, he came back and picked up the feeder and hung it back up. He was only about 9 or 10 but a solid kid, though I still can't believe how hard he hit that pole and feeder!!
He's lucky that the feeder was empty, because I've been asking DH to fill it up but he hadn't yet and it's a decent sized feeder, not a little hummingbird feeder or a small suet rack but a big feeder! The kid had to be looking behind him and running at the same time, because there is no way to miss it.
Our policeman neighbor was on his back porch and he instructed the kid to put the feeder back and asked if he was okay.

Vivian has been talking a lot more and putting more sentences together, and is becoming able to communicate more complicated things.
She asked for "MeMe Ice" yesterday when she was eating...which is, Lemonade with ice. Sometimes she asks for her water with ice too, so she's even able to tell me when she wants ice in her drink.
She asks for toilet paper, tissue, washcloth, vitamin (this is hard to translate though based on sounds alone...her pointing to the vitamin cupboard helps), lip gloss (she rubs her finger on her lips to clue me in since she struggles pronouncing that), "Doo-Ah" is toothbrush but usually she'll touch her teeth and say "teeth" also so she's sure I understand. ;)

Shiloh talks all the time so I know that doesn't give Vivi too many chances to say much more than "Nooo, Mine!" words that quickly became her favorites.
I took the girls to Wal-Mart today and Shiloh was a total backseat driver!
"Turn here Mom, turn here!" "You going too far Mom, I see trees! I see trees!"
"This wrong way, Mom!" "I wanna go to Targit!" (which is how she pronounces Target)
She's only THREE! I am in so much trouble....

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