Friday, June 25, 2010

Just a Mom injury...saga

I do not really like to walk barefoot.
I am just not very good at it.
I have stepped on a carton staple, kicked the hinge of a door, and had cellphone and sippy cups dropped on my bare feet in the past.
But still summertime comes and I kick off my shoes, after all the Doctors recommend it for better foot health and my DH is a big advocate of bare feet because his country is so hot, though I do draw the line at walking barefoot outdoors!

About three days ago I was walking with a load of laundry and felt something sharp against the heel of my bare foot. I didn't see anything on the floor and my foot wasn't bothering me too badly with each step nor was I dripping blood, so I continued on to the washing machine and started working on the laundry.
By the time I put the detergent and fabric softener in and turned the machine on, I had forgotten about my foot and went on to get the coffee pot set for the next day and so on.

Then yesterday I felt a pain again in my heel and noticed the skin was really rough there so I thought the skin probably caught on a fiber of the rug which pulled it and made it hurt. I put a carebear bandaid on so the skin wouldn't catch on anything else, then caught Shiloh's cup before she spilled milk everywhere and rushed Vivi to the potty and forgot about it.

Today, my carebear bandaid started to fall off (sad, I know).
I noticed there was a little spot of blood on the bandaid, hmm, I looked closer at my foot and there is a small wound on my heel.
Huh! So where and when did I get that? think. think. think.
Finally I remembered about the pain in my heel when I was carrying laundry.
I felt around on the carpet, and it took me a long time of carefully pressing the carpet but eventually I felt something small and sharp barely poking up from under the carpet.
A nail.
A nail pointing straight up but through the carpet pad and carpet it never quite made it to the surface. It was also in an area where you really have to step on it just right just wrong to ever find it.
Indeed we've lived here for awhile without noticing....but of course I have worn shoes a great deal during that time!
I pulled up the carpet a bit but the nail was firm through the boards of the floor, so I just grabbed a hammer and pounded it back down.
So it is no longer a danger to me, after all it is only I who would find a hidden nail in the floor and step on it in the precise way necessary to injure myself...and then not really find out about it 'til three days later!
Then I had to give myself some "third-aid", since first-aid doesn't quite seem to be the right title on day three...

At least the girls weren't the first ones to find it!


Heather said...

Ok... this doesn't have anything to do with your post, but with the CPSC little doohicky you have on here. It says Scope(r) is recalled. I thought it said Scooper. hehe... like... what's Scooper??... Scooper Mouthwash?? Who would use that? What a horrible name!

MoppetMama said...

I kept reading Scoper/Scooper too.
I thought it was for some cat litter product at first,lol.