Monday, June 21, 2010

Not My Child, Monday!

It's "Not Me, Monday" time, the space to tell things that I have Not been doing this past week....or in this case, what my children have Not no way, Not no how been doing.

My newly minted 2 year old did not burst into dramatic tears when she simply could not get a kitchen rug placed perfectly! She did not request a tissue for her alligator tears, then smile and run off playing as if nothing had happened, which of course it did Not. She does not require a tissue several times a day, regardless of whether there are actual tears...the drama alone requires the right props.

My potty-training child did not become upset when I refused to give her a mini M&M after I flushed the toilet. She did not somehow think that a flushing toilet = reward. Noo, Not My Child!
She also did not investigate a "mess" in her diaper upon waking from her nap, then start sobbing because the mess was now on her fingers. I certainly did not almost kiss messy fingers because I mistook the way she was holding her fingers to mean that she had pinched or hurt them. Nooo, that didn't happen.
The same aforementioned child certainly did not have a bm on the floor.
Nooo, and this child would not, only acknowledge this fact when she stepped into the, no, nooo.
Then this child would not run crying to me, which would track poo across the floor...and that floor would not be a carpeted floor.
Nope, Not My Child!
*sob* I am so glad that did not happen, otherwise I would feel really bad for myself and this week.
It was also Not my Child that asked for a shower last night as a change from her usual bath....then freaked out.
Shiloh did not cry dramatically "that was a very bad shower! i am having a very big cry and i need a very big Hug!!
Nope, no children like that here!

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An Imperfect New Momma said...

Oh my word! I am not laughing at the fact that you have your hands extremely full with your adorable drama queen. And that was not a run on sentence. Sigh. You poor thing