Wednesday, June 30, 2010

One man's trash...and let's keep it that way.

Today went much better. :)

Vivi was her normal happy self and played nicely with her sister. yay!
She also is suddenly doing much better with staying dry between bathroom breaks! yay-yay!

We went to the restaurant for a little bit to visit. The only time for the whole day where Vivian acted like her teeth were bothering her was whenever a person she didn't know would talk to her or carry her.
Then she immediately would start pulling on her ears, scratching her jaw, and shoving her fingers in her mouth.
As soon as she was back in my arms or lap and the other people walked far enough away, she'd start smiling/talking/playing/eating/drinking etc.
The person(s) would come back and she'd turn sullen and start tugging at her ears again.
Soo...I don't know.

They are having a garage sale at the restaurant...and I really, really, hope it is over soon!
DH keeps coming home with little garage sale "treasures", and most times when I ask where he is going to put these "treasures", he says he needs them in garage.

So our "garage-sale-decorated" garage....may soon be retitled "DH's Doghouse". ahem.

I was also so thrilled when during our visit, they started giving garage sale "treasures" to the girls too. So now Shiloh has some teenage game that is missing batteries and for kids ages 12 and up....really useful for a 3 year old!

And Vivi now has a little collection of 3" stuffed bears that came free when you buy fabric softener!
This is just a case of one man's junk...becoming my junk!

While we at the restaurant though, Shiloh said "Mom look! That sign says Exit!" and that just made my whole day! She read the sign by herself!!! :-D

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