Friday, June 11, 2010

Shopping with girls

There are clues that your dentist appointment is not going well.
  1. Your appointment starts 40 minutes late.
  2. The Receptionist asks for your co-pay before the Dentist has even seen you.
  3. They lose your chart/records
  4. They never received your x-rays that they were waiting for from the oral surgeon.
  5. The Dentist asks you if you remember which tooth had the cavity.
  6. Then says..."don't worry, I will find it."
  7. The Dentist says "it's just a tiny cavity so we will try without numbing you if that's okay"
  8. dumbly agree
  9. The Dentist keeps saying "ooh this is deeper than it look. you okay?"
  10. The Dentist had onions for lunch.

Yep, so that about sums up my appt. yesterday.

I'm also wondering why...oh why...the ice cream truck would drive down the street at 8:30pm and park in front of my house with the music blaring. Shiloh woke up sobbing "i hear ice cream music in my room!"

Vivian wanted to watch "Ahh Boo Boo" today. Thankfully she was pointing to the DVD because I'm not sure I would have correctly guessed that she wanted to watch "Ant Bully" ;-)

I took the girls grocery shopping today. It's been awhile since I took them out by myself. I forgot things.

Like I forgot that the girls were wearing cute matching outfits. Big mistake. Cute matching outfits are for pictures and home and visiting relatives and friends. Plain clothes or even boys clothes and hats...dirt on the faces is good too, that's shopping attire. At least it is if Mama wants to get any actual shopping done without being stopped four times.

One older lady even interrogated me. "Are they twins?"


"Just wearing matching outfits?" (duh)

I smiled "Yes..."

"How old?"

"Three and almost Two"

"Well they're sisters anyways, right?"

What the?

Another lady insisted the girls were almost "Irish twins" (which they aren't) so they counted as twins. Then she trapped me next to a cookie display with the story of how her daughter is on her honeymoon with a young baby and how if she comes back with a honeymoon baby that she'll have Irish twins...which the Mom doesn't want....and the Daughter wants...and I didn't really want to know at all! I just wanted some bread and milk! Meanwhile Shiloh danced around my feet chattering endlessly about the cookies and how she liked cookies and that this particular box looked good.

Later we were at the checkout behind a Mom with two little boys that were around the girls' ages. They were practicing their karate chops and army rolls, had imaginary light sabers and invisible guns that went "peew! peew! peew!"

I realized I had the much easier shopping trip. Shiloh did not put her sister in a headlock and Vivi did not army crawl across the dirty supermarket floor.

The cashier watched the boys walk/army crawl/ninja flip away and said "Whoa, I'm not used to that. I had girls!"...then she asked Shiloh if she would like a sticker. :)

We have a lot of girly drama but I don't have much to compare it to the opposite gender. Maybe boys don't sob when they spill water on their clothes and aren't allowed to change immediately, like Shiloh has been known to do? And maybe boys don't fight over tiaras and butterfly wings? or become devastated if their sandwich is cut in 2 pieces instead of 4 pieces or vice versus? or insist on a wet washcloth when they are painting so they don't get messy?

But maybe the genders aren't so different? After all as soon as we arrived home Shiloh ran for her Daddy's nerf dart gun with the lighted scope....though instead of shooting it (as if we could find the darts), she ran through the house moving the light across the floor and a giggling Vivian chased it. :-)

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