Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Terro Liquid Ant Bait - a review

We were having trouble with sugar ants.
Usually we would just see a few and spray around the house, around the doors etc. and that would be it.
This time we just kept finding random "seeker" ants all over. I would reach in the bookshelf and find an ant or pick up a paper off the table and find an ant.
It was driving me nuts!
I exhausted myself and deep cleaned the whole downstairs, emptying the girls toy bin and washing all their toys in case something there was attracting the ants and I didn't even find any in the girls' stuff...I vacuumed and scrubbed but the next day I was still finding ants in random places.

So I put out some Terro Ant traps in the places where I had most often seen the ants. This involved placing one behind the bookshelf because I didn't want to girls to come in contact with the bait at all.
I had heard good things about Terro online. Actually if you look there are lot of videos online of ants swarming these traps....some people are a little bored?
It is gross.
...and it happened! Though not to the magnitude shown in those videos but it's really hard not to kill those ants when you see them.
I suggest putting them down before you go to bed, then you can sleep obliviously to the colony of ants marching one by one through your house...hurrah, hurrah. :)
Anyways...the ants took the bait back to colony and that was it. I haven't seen a single ant since!

I removed the bait now, because I heard that they can attract a different colony if you do not remove them after the first one is gone.
So I am pretty happy with this ant bait.
My only caution would be to put the trap on a piece of paper, the liquid sometimes seeps out or spills if it gets bumped and it is really sticky stuff. Oh and obviously keep them away from your kids!

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