Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Two or Teething...

The day started so nicely yesterday, the sun shining and there was a nice cool breeze...

After Vivian's nap, I took the girls to the grocery store.
Vivi was in the cart and Shi was walking on my feet.
Shiloh is so much like me as a child, when I tell to stay "right next to me" in the store, she is practically on my foot and I trip over her the whole time. lol
We only got down the first aisle when Vivi suddenly starts yelling and crying!
I got her calmed down, though I still don't know why she started crying in the first place and then she was fine throughout the rest of the store.
The girls even had to wait in the long customer-service line with me and they were great and quietly stayed right next to me. The store had put diapers on a shelf that said they were $19 for a big box....then charged me $35! Thirty-Five Dollars!
When I told the service lady that I didn't want the diapers if they were that price, she whispered to me "I don't blame you!" ;-D

Then I took the girls to a clothing store and they were both very good...a bit obsessed with making faces at themselves in the full-length mirrors but otherwise... ;-)
Shiloh actually loved looking at purses, she has a definite opinion on what she likes. She also was picking out clothes and said that she wanted this or that and I told her that I thought they were a bit big for her.
She said "No, not for me, beautiful for you Mama!" :) So sweet!

Vivian is starting to try harder to make it to the potty before she wets her panties. This means a million trips to the bathroom where she doesn't actually do anything.
She just sits, looks serious, then says "Ah dum! Ah dum!" (all done).
Yesterday, every time....every time that Shiloh had to use the bathroom, Vivi would say she had to pee too and then would fuss and cry if I let Shiloh use the potty first! ugh!

Then she had an actual tantrum! She apologized after she was disciplined, and I gave her some Motrin in case her teeth were bothering her because she's normally not so miserable.

But even after I knew the Motrin should be working, she was still in bad form.
She refused to apologize to Shiloh, and every time I brought her to Shiloh...Shiloh would apologize to her like 3x!
Vivi did apologize...eventually. Mama was ready for a nap after that battle of wills....and in my opinion refusing to apologize is not an teething issue!
Vivian is such a funny and happy child, but she also is very willful.

The rest of the afternoon Vivi was happy and giggling one second, then the next she was flinging herself on the floor because of simple little things like Shiloh eating the cereal that Vivi said she didn't want in the first place. Ack!

At least by evening she was better, we all laid out coloring books and crayons on the living room floor and were all coloring and she started kicking the books. When I told her no, she smacked her offending foot and that was that...and that's much more normal for her.
Later we marched around the house singing "The Ants go marching" and the girls absolutely loved it...especially since I forgot most of the lyrics and had to ad-lib. ;-D
But to end the day Vivi fell off Shiloh's bed, so she really was just not having a good day all around. (she is fine)

This morning she started in again, but the threat of discipline alone was enough. She's napping now.
Actually I'm hoping it is terrible two's...they tend to test you for a few days then behave better. Teething is so random in the ways and times that it bothers them...but I know she has 4 molars left to come and those can be the worst!

I need to stock up on Children's Motrin for her and Excedrin for me!

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