Tuesday, June 08, 2010

Weekend at Camp

I had my dentist appointment last week with Dr. "ooh-that-make-you-gag-a-little" (which is easier to pronounce than his real name). This was just a cleaning and it went really well and he said I have really good teeth and that I take good care of them.
That being said, I may possibly have a small cavity. I have an appt. to have it taken care of this week, he is waiting to see my x-rays from the dental surgeon.
If he doesn't see the cavity then they will cancel my appointment.

The girls and I spent the weekend at my parents' camp.
The weather wasn't great, but it was so nice to get away for a bit and the girls slept really well and had a lot of fun.
Vivian hadn't been to camp since she was 4 weeks old, yet she ran around like she knew the place. I brought her Glo-worm and cellphone and she cuddled those and went right to sleep at bed and nap times. :)
We went out to eat a few times, Vivian ate most everything in sight...while Shi was more interested in talking to Grama and singing and looking around and her drink, rather than eating.
There was a tornado warning while we there too, though it didn't amount to much. It just became windy and Shiloh thought that the trees were angry because they were moving so much.

...and then Grandpa's boat sunk.
It was his smaller boat and it was still tied to the dock so that was good, though my parents were quite soaked trying to bail and pump it out in a rain storm...

Speaking of good soakings, I wasn't sure what to do about potty-training while we were up there, I didn't really want to abandon training, so I brought a bunch of diapers, panties, and her seat attachment and left her out of diapers in the mornings since that is usually her best time.
She really surprised me though and even asked to use the potty a few times while she had a diaper on!
She has been asking more and more to use the bathroom so that is encouraging to me. :)

The birds have finally discovered our feeder. I really need to just fill it with sunflower seeds as that definitely will attract more birds than the mix I am using now.
So far I've seen House Sparrows, Tree Sparrows, Chickadees, Blue Jays, Purple Grackles, Starlings, and a squirrel that sits on the ground praying that the birds will drop him a few seeds. ;-)

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