Friday, June 18, 2010

The Zoo: part two

Shiloh was excited for days leading up to our Zoo trip. When we were waiting to pay for admission Shiloh started jumping up and down excitedly "Look Mama! A bird! A Zoo bird!!"

It was a sparrow.

Then she had equal excitement over a Robin, and throughout the Zoo whenever a bird flew overhead she'd gasp and say "look at that bird!". So cute. :)

My Mom had bought the girls "Barbie as The Island Princess" and it really ended up being the perfect movie to watch before going to the Zoo.
There is a red panda and a peacock in the movie and they were also in the Zoo, so that just seemed to add to Shiloh's excitement. (getting to see the real "Sagi" and "Azul")
Vivian was calmer, but she really liked the peacocks. A white one came walking right by her stroller, and also the variety of ducks they had...a lot of ducklings too. :)

I was surprised that the girls weren't scared by the Tiger, especially since he walked right by us.
The boars and mountain goat were just huge, and I had forgotten just how big Eagles really are too! ...or how smelly camels are!

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