Monday, July 05, 2010

4th of July weekend

I hope everyone had a nice 4th of July!

The girls and I hung out in the kiddie pool. It was a really nice day, sunny but with a light breeze.
Vivian even dared to venture onto the second step of the slide!

Today we enjoyed the pool again, but it was soo muggy and the water was just like bath water.
We went out late though so soon the pool was in the shade and that was much nicer as it cooled off.
Vivi decided she wanted to hold my hand so she could climb to the top of the slide, then still tightly gripping my hand she went down the slide. :)
After about 50 times of stooping to help her down the slide, my back was aching pretty good! I had to help Shi dry her face on the towel and Vivi became impatient so she climbed the slide and went down by herself!
She suddenly got brave! Then she wanted us all to clap for her each time she went down the slide. ;-)
I stayed right in the pool with the girls, and I had to scoop her up quickly a few times when she leaned back too far going down the slide.

Eventually she decided to go back to holding my hand though...better to err on the side of caution and all that.
After pool time they helped me water the garden with a squirt gun and a toy watering can. ;)

The girls were coloring yesterday and Vivi showed me her finished artwork (she was coloring on plain paper) and I ooh'ed and ahh'ed appropriately.
Shiloh looked up from her coloring book, "Squiggles? She drew squiggles?"
"She's only Two, Shi..."
Shiloh: "She drew a 2? Where is it?"
"No, she didn't draw a 2, she's just a baby...and that's how she draws."
Shiloh: "Oh...I'm going to draw a 2. I can draw a 2."
"Okay, Shiloh."
Meanwhile, Shiloh was coloring a horse. A horse wearing makeup. She gave the horse, bright pink lipstick and eyeshadow...
I'm guessing it's a show horse... ;-)

The girls like to eat rice, but the mess. Oh the mess.
I just can't figure out how a child sitting in a booster seat with a bib on, can possibly have handfuls...(handfuls!)...of rice in her sitting on rice....and have rice stuck to the bottom of her foot!
How is that possible? I catch myself doing speechless sputterings as I clean up the mess.

One of the mysteries of children, I

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