Sunday, July 11, 2010

The apple doesn't fall lands on your foot.

This is Shiloh's latest painting of Turkeys. She likes to paint turkeys. :)

Like Mother, like daughter.
Vivian is now sporting a black and blue bruised foot, so much like the one I often have in the summer months.

She opened the cupboard, took out a 20 oz. water bottle and dropped it on her foot. She didn't cry very much and since she didn't drop it very far, I didn't think she really hurt herself until the big bruise appeared!
...and also like her Mother, she now wants to wear her shoes in the house. lol.

I'm not sure how you catch a cold in this heat....but Vivian did. :(
It started yesterday with a runny nose, then she started getting more congested and by bedtime she had a fever of 101.
She slept pretty restlessly and kept calling me in her sleep.

At 2:30am I heard her calling me and when I checked on her she was really hot. I checked her temp and it was 102 then, so I woke her up fully and gave her some Motrin and water to drink and thankfully she fell right back asleep.

She woke up for the day at 6am and still had a 102 temperature but she was happy and giggling. I know I would not be happy and giggling with fever like that!
Vivian hasn't eaten much today though which is a big sign that she's not feeling 100% as she normally eats quite a bit especially in the morning. I think it's just too hard to eat and breathe at the same time.

Her fever finally broke (with Motrin) at naptime but she still has a runny nose and no appetite...and as the medicine wears off her temperature starts creeping upwards again. :(

I had these little kits to make miniature houses that I bought...oh, way back in '05 in Singapore. I finally made them! I thought maybe Shiloh could play with them but they are way too delicate. I think they are cute though!

Btw: They have little names on the houses like "Dream's House", and "Happy Windmill"(probably because I managed to put it together correctly!) and the green one is "Amused". I'm not sure why it is amused, because I can't make out the rest...but it is amused.

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Khourt said...

Those are some pretty nifty houses!!