Monday, July 19, 2010

Bring on the sheep...

Today is our 7th Wedding Anniversary!
Apparently the "traditional" gift for a 7th Anniversary is wool or copper.
Umm, okay...sounds romantic. lol.

The time has flown, it hasn't really seemed like 7 years have gone by.
Not sure how we will celebrate, DH has ordered a cake and maybe we'll go out to dinner on his day off.
Of course, we'll take the "fruits" of our marriage along with us...after all Vivian loves to eat! ;-)

DH's hand/wrist injury is improving. He can now move his fingers and pick-up light things. He still can't flex his wrist yet or pick-up anything too heavy. He went back to work yesterday and they have him on light-duty work so he doesn't over strain his injury.

I was busy running around to Dr's appointments today.
I had my "yearly" check-up with my Midwife, they call it a yearly check but I hadn't gone back since I gave birth to Vivian! :-P
Today's appt. just reminded me of so many things I don't care for at the clinic.
My sister and sister-in-law will agree, I'm sure.
The long waits, the miserable frizzy-haired check-out lady, having them write me down as unemployed, the slaughtering of my name (well Heather probably doesn't get that one! ;-), and so on...
And I have to go back when?

Vivian also had her 2 year well-child check-up today.
Her ears are nice and clear, so the Dr. confirmed that she just had a virus last week that caused her 5 day fever.
I knew she had a recent growth spurt but I didn't expect her to measure 1 1/2" taller than Shiloh was at her 2yr check-up!
Vivi was fine until she had to lay down on the table, then she started wailing.
Shiloh was sitting in the corner and she just kept saying "Mama, baby doesn't like the Doctor! Mama! Mama! Baby doesn't like the Doctor!"
Even after we left the clinic, she still kept repeating that the baby didn't like the Doctor.
It made her nervous that Vivian was so upset, but Shiloh did say that she liked the Dr. and she said hello to him so hopefully it won't scare her about any future appointments of her own.

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