Friday, July 02, 2010

Don't be rash

We went to Target yesterday or as Shi calls it "Tyegit". :)

I still needed to pick-up some diapers for Vivian. She needs them for naps/bedtime and when we leave the house, though I think she'll soon be ready to just wear Pull-ups on outings.
She's been in Target brand diapers for a long time, but lately she's been breaking out in a rash on her back right at the edge of the diaper.
It's like a heat rash/eczema combo. :-P

The Pampers brand now mostly have "Dry Max" technology in them, and since they are being investigated by the CPSC for possibly causing rashes I certainly don't want to put them on my already rash-prone girl!
So I decided to go with Luvs in a smaller size than I normally get, but still in her weight limit.
Hopefully the smaller size will mean less diaper up her backside, which is the only place she's been having trouble...I've also started powdering the back of her diaper too which may help.
The forecast for next week is 80's and 90's with high humidity so I guess we shall see!

She did try to use the restroom while at the store too, I am just happy that she's not afraid of restrooms! It's probably another benefit of having an older sibling. :)

Vivian used the potty twice this morning and she made a point to show me that she made it to the potty with dry panties. She was soo proud! :) Yay!

I set out some cheese and crackers on a plate (while Vivi was napping since she can't have cheese) and Shi came running up to me "Oh! my favorite! You want to share with me. You do! You want to share with me!" lol

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