Saturday, July 17, 2010

Jumped by July

July has been a bit of a rough month, health-wise, for us here.

First I was sick from the heat and didn't feel well for a few days afterwards.
Then the girls caught colds and had fevers, and Vivian's fever lingered for 5 days.
She has a wet cough now so I'm hoping that is a sign that the cold is on its last legs! Today is day seven of the cold so she'll hopefully be getting over that soon.
She has a well-child check next week so the Dr. can check her then if she's not fully improved yet.

Then this morning I had to take DH to Urgent Care.
He fell last night when he left work and landed on his hand. It was a bit sore before bed, then he woke me up around 4am because it hurt so badly and he could barely move his fingers then.
I got him some extra-strength Tylenol and fell back asleep...for a few minutes. Both girls were having bad nights too, so between the three of them they didn't let me get much sleep.
Lol, but right now all three are napping and I am sitting here blogging. :)

Anyways, this morning I told DH that it was probably sprained/badly bruised and I looked up how to treat it. (R) Rest (I) Ice (C) Compression (E) Elevation and take some Ibuprofen.
But he wanted someone to see it because he can't miss much work, so I took him to Urgent Care.
I had to get all three of them ready to go because DH needed help with his clothes/food/socks as much as the girls. :(

We spent about hour to hour and a half there, which isn't bad compared to an ER wait.
They did X-rays, and there is no break or fracture thankfully! So they diagnosed it as a sprain. Then the Dr. starts rattling off the R.I.C.E treatment and tells him to take Ibuprofen.
It was almost funny since it was word-for-word what I had told DH at home.

I am trying to be sympathetic. Honestly it's a bit hard because I think I did less complaining when I was in labor with the girls...
But that is just men, I think. ;-)

I gave him the girls' Disney Princess ice pack, but Vivi kept taking it away from him. So now he has a bag of ice, stuck inside a bath puppet, on his hand. ;-D

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