Friday, July 16, 2010

The Library

I took the girls to the local library today.
I've been meaning to go for awhile now, but they have a lot of programs going on in the summer and I didn't want to get stuck in a crowd so I thought it better to wait for a quiet day.
I'm so glad I did too, judging by the vast amount of "reading program" counters, they are quite overwhelmed with kids when the programs are going on!
Especially since is not a large library at all.

I quickly grabbed a couple of new books for me before heading to the kids area. (I have a dream that I'll find time to read them, lol)
They only let you loan "new" books for a couple weeks though, which kind of stinks because all they have in this library are "new" or very-very old books.
They also had a book sale going on, but they were only selling a few stacks of extremely-very old books.

Shiloh was so excited when we walked into the kids section she said "Oh Mama, it's amazing!"
Lol, a child after my own heart. :)
They spent most of the time just looking around, and sitting at the little tables looking at the books I was selecting.
Shiloh did pretty well keeping her excitement to a proper decibel for a library, which was amazing in of itself. ;-)

I was slightly disappointed with the books that were available though. Even though they had a large selection...a lot of the books seemed to be written before I was born! Other books were rather obscure, like "The Cat in the Hat"....written in French!
Next trip I think I'll make a list of authors to look for and save myself the frustration of searching through so many outdated editions.

I was excited to find "Meanwhile Back at the Ranch" to read to the girls though. :) I loved that from when "Reading Rainbow" was on.

We made it home just in time before the downpour started.
It made a nice atmosphere to sit down and read the books, yes all the books. Shi wanted me to read them right away. :)

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Heather said...

Back at the Ranch!! I loved that story too... I have to look for it on Abe books now.