Monday, July 12, 2010

Too hot, hot, hot

Vivian is still feverish. Day 3. :(
At least her fever is not constant, and she's had periods of normal temps but it's been spiking to 101 and almost 102 occasionally.
She's still being pretty good-natured despite this cold.

Now Shiloh has caught the cold too.
She's been running a low-grade fever at times, 99 to 100 degrees. But she looks and acts likes she doesn't feel well. Her eyes always give away how she is feeling.
She's complaining that her mouth hurts (I think she means a sore throat) and her nose running which just annoys her so bad.

At least they are both eating well. Vivian's appetite finally picked up and they keep asking for pancakes and jello. :)
Surprisingly Lime Jello has been their favorite flavor...I have to go shopping for some more!

We splashed in the kiddie pool for a little bit yesterday. Vivian's fever was gone at that time but they didn't play too much. They had runny noses and just didn't feel well enough to really enjoy themselves.
Then a tiny snail climbed onto my flip-flop and Shiloh said "Ooh, a snail! I wanna see it! Let me see it!"
So I showed her the snail. She burst into tears and wanted out of the pool that instant because somehow she was sure the snail was in the pool.
Oh...and then my flip flop broke.

Our garden has three zucchini and four pumpkins in the works! The zucchini are almost ready to pick, I could pick them now but I want them a little bigger. The pumpkins are still a dark green and would fit nice in your hand, and a lot more blossoms of both are still on the branches.
Our tomatoes are flowering so I'm not sure how much longer I have to wait for actual tomatoes to appear?
I want the girls to be the ones to pick the veggies since they helped plant the seeds and watering and weeding. I just have to find a way to get them close enough without getting pricked by the spiky leaves, that would probably kill their love of gardening pretty quickly.
I think it's going to involve Mommy dressed in layers...and gloves...holding back the leaves. Sounds like fun, um I may have to rethink this.

Shiloh spilled some cereal on the floor the other day, and when I asked her what happened she said "Sorry! my bad! sorry, my bad!" Lol, she picked that up from DH and now she says it all the time. "Oops, my bad!"
I asked her if she actually ate any of the cereal. "Well, my tongue did have some. it did like it. my tongue had some cereal but not my mouth." she replied.
She's such a funny kid.

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