Thursday, July 08, 2010

Trying to beat the heat

It has been extremely hot and muggy here.
Awful really.

I don't do so well in the heat, especially with such high humidity and there not being much relief at night either.
On Monday, I was getting sick and feeling cruddy but it's gradually been improving though I think I won't be 100% until this heat wave abates.

At least it makes the laundry dry in record time... ;-)

It's even been too hot to use the kiddie pool, the heat hits you like a wall when you open the door and both girls quickly change their minds about wanting to go out. ;)
So we've been watching a lot of movies, the heat just sucks out our energy for doing much else. I also brought the girls' entire kitchen set in from the front porch so they've been making me all manner of "edible" concoctions. :) They've played with play-doh...(and I cleaned up and vacuumed play-doh) and painted and colored etc.

DH had to go to a wedding of a coworker in the big city, or rather Chinatown of the big city, on Monday and it's so much hotter in cities too. He said he paid to use an Internet cafe just to get out of the heat!
I'm so happy I wasn't there.

The next day I had to scrub and clean the tub for the girls before their bath, the tub was full of shiny multi-colored confetti!
They had confetti guns/cannons instead of throwing rice or blowing bubbles at the new couple like an American wedding...and DH was in the line of fire. lol.
They shot so much confetti that he had it in his ears, pockets, socks and shoes. It was crazy and I'm still finding bits of confetti around the house!

Today, I needed groceries and some other stuff and I really didn't want to make a bunch of stops in this heat so I decided Super Target would be the best one-stop shopping place.
Shiloh was not too eager to leave the cool house and venture out into the heat... even for a trip to her favorite store.

It was nice to be in the air-conditioned store for awhile though and just browse and shop slowly.
Shiloh had to discuss most every purchase I made with me. "yes, we do need that. i think....Dada needs that. i think so."

"i like that cereal, but i don't like that cereal. i like the cereal with colors!"
Me: "It's not a great price, but we do like it..."
Shiloh: "yes we do like it! Shiloh likes it!" lol

While we were shopping, DH called and Shi wanted to talk to him.
"Hi Dada, we're shoppin', we're shoppin' for sales! Vivian has to go potty. she said she has to go potty, Dada!" and so on, and so on.
An hour later of Shiloh talking and it's Vivian's turn on the phone "hi...Dada...done" and she hands the phone back to me. lol.

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