Saturday, July 03, 2010

U so funny

It was a gorgeous day yesterday so the girls and I did some bubble blowing, and some gardening outside.
Shiloh raked the yard with her little pink rake and helped me put some stakes in the garden.
Then I worked on trimming a couple of my roses, and the girls took turns squeezing glue onto the canes to seal them, they really loved that.
Later on Vivian ran through the yard with the glue and pretended to squeeze it on every plant/tree/bush that she found! ;-D

We have a bunch of blossoms on our pumpkin plants, at least most of them are pumpkin. I believe there are some zucchini plants in the mix as well but I can't tell the plants apart at the moment. ;)
They are very prickly though, I can tell you that! I had to move the leaves a bit as they were starting to crowd the tomatoes and I definitely needed gloves!
I noticed some slight differences in the leaves of some of the plants vs. the others so maybe we'll have a nice mix of zucchinis and pumpkins.

When we came back inside the girls asked for salads for dinner!
Shiloh picked through her salad though, and didn't eat much of the lettuce.
Vivian ate about half of her salad, then proceeded to develop a red-violet rash everywhere on her face that the Thousand Islands dressing touched.
I quickly washed her face and switched her to my salad which had Italian dressing on it, and she finished that.
By the time she went to bed the rash had mostly disappeared.

I am sure she has had that dressing before but she's always just had bites off my salad that I fed her, so it has never had so much contact with her skin.
She has such sensitive baby skin and when I checked the label the dressing had peppers, tomato paste, and lemon juice in it so a bunch of potential irritants.

We bought Vivian a Sesame Street movie for her birthday, and this is the girls' favorite clip. They laugh hysterically! I can always tell when it is on by their laughter. ;)

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