Saturday, August 28, 2010

Adventures in house cleaning

We have some nice double hung, tilt-in-to-clean windows in our house.
I love how much easier they make it to have sparkling clean windows, inside and out.

There was a nice cool breeze the other day so I thought it was great weather for window cleaning. The girls are always fascinated with the way the windows tilt in, and peeking at me from under the window as I'm cleaning it and just generally getting underfoot.

I was cleaning one of the living room windows when suddenly I had a problem.
I had the bottom pane down and cleaned, I just finished cleaning the top pane and I couldn't get the top pane locked back in place correctly.
I tried wiggling the window a little to hopefully get the lock to work and that just jammed the window in the frame.
I had about 12 inches of open unscreened space at the top and 10 inches of screened space at the bottom...and I'm still holding the bottom pane which is half-attached to the windowsill.

What could be worse than that? I try wiggling the window again. Quite stuck.
Shiloh is able to drag the little TV table over so that I can rest the heavy lower pane on that and focus on fixing the top.
I tell the girls to back way up and let me know if any bugs fly in at the top of the window, just to keep them out of the hearing the word "bugs" is a pretty good repellent for Shiloh. lol

I decide to undo the one lock on the top pane to see if that helps me fix it.
Next thing I find myself holding a huge window pane that is now only attached by one corner.
Aha, I made it worse!
I consider calling DH to come home and help me but I made the mess, I can fix it (plus my phone on the countertop in the kitchen, and quite out of reach).
I just need to think about the problem. Think, think, think.
Problem - I am holding my window instead of my house holding it!

Now for the technical talk, I hope you can follow along.
I notice that there is a bolty thing at the bottom of the window pane, and stuck in the side of the window sill is a bolty thing holder.
Ah, bolty thing came out of bolty holder when it was not supposed to.
So reason stands if I can get bolty thing back into bolty thing holder, then maybe the window will be fixable.
Deep breath.
A wiggle here and shift there and I finally get the pane back in. In locks place, both locks lock in place and I am finally able to slide the pane back to the top of the window.
Lower pane snaps in easily.
Ta da!

Make a note to clean window very carefully next time...and tape it to the window frame.

Perhaps I should delay scrubbing the bathtub....

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