Friday, August 27, 2010

The Beeping returns

This morning, once again, we were awoken to the sound of a smoke detector beeping its low-battery alerts.
Shiloh called from her room "Dada! Dada! I hear beeps again! I hear beeps!" ;-)
I guess since all the batteries were installed at the same time, they are all getting weak at the same time.
So DH pulls that battery out and we decided we should replace them all before it becomes routine to be woken by a smoke detector beeping.
But it is never so it?

A couple of the detectors continued their low-battery beeps even after DH replaced the battery. So I looked them over and inside the battery cavity it states that only about three different brands of batteries should be used and the detectors might not recognize other brands!
Of course the brand that we have on hand is not on the "approved" list, but DH was able to get the beeping ones to recognize the batteries and we put batteries on our shopping list.

I took Shiloh to the grocery store with me yesterday, while DH stayed home with napping Vivian.
It was nice to take to take a more leisurely shopping trip through the grocery store and even browse. Shiloh wanted to look at all the lobsters, even though she squished herself as far from the lobsters as she could get in the cart seat....and jumped a foot when I touched her while she was so intently watching the lobsters.
So brave, my girl. lol

I was just finishing up shopping when I noticed a person that I would rather avoid.
I don't know her well but she acts like we are closer than we are, which is awkward at best.
I turned a corner and there was her mother and daughter, another corner and there was her father.
Seriously it was like an awkward sitcom, I mean what are the chances?!

I was not trying to be mean, rather just trying to avoid stilted pleasantries and finish my shopping. I got my last items and headed to the express check-out line.
A little old lady got in line behind me and she was holding a couple items in her arms so I let her go ahead of me. She commented that Shiloh had beautiful hair and eyes...after which Shiloh kept saying "I have beautiful hair, Mama" and flicking her hair everywhere!
I was putting all my groceries on the conveyor belt, when who should get in line behind us...and start trying to talk to Shiloh, but the father.
I gave no audible sounds of dismay, at least I am quite certain that the little "eek" that went off in my brain did not utter from my lips.
I gave him a little polite smile and realized that he did not seem to recognize me.

I loaded my groceries and Shiloh into the car and headed to the sub shop to pick up the lunch that DH had requested.
I half expected to see lady and family at the sub shop since I was paranoid at that point.

As we headed for the door, Shiloh asked to go into the tiny Dollar Store just next to the sub shop so I agreed that we could look for just a moment.

Can you guess, by any chance, which entire family was shopping in this little tiny Dollar Store in the corner of nowhere? Anyone?

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