Friday, August 06, 2010

An Elephant in my dish rack...

naturally...where else would an elephant dry off after its bath?

I never quite know where Shiloh animals are going to appear next.
I almost stepped on a rhinoceros while walking through our kitchen and there were many tigers and lions peering out of the windows of her doll house today. (hope I don't have nightmares!)

Shiloh also said that her elephant was tired today and needed coffee. (me too!)
Meanwhile Vivian fed her stuffed bunny a hamburger, which just seems so wrong..

We spent a wonderful few days at my parents' camp last week and also took a trip to the Zoo while we were there.
We really loved it and Shiloh now calls it "Grama's Zoo". Shiloh even dared to pet a donkey there...and on a different day, she touched a fish while we were out fishing!

Took the girls to a Mall yesterday and they had a pet store there. I'm pretty sure that Shiloh just thought it was a mini zoo.
She kept saying "okay, lets go see more animals now!" and asking me to take pictures. ;-D
The pet store and the water fountain were the main attractions for the girls.
We went into "Gap" and I helped Shiloh sound out G-A-P since she asked what it said on one shirt.

Well then, throughout the whole entire store, she kept saying "Look! That says Gap! Mama, Mama, Look! This shirt shirt says Gap!
Look! This, this says Gap!
I don't know what this says, but that says Gap!"

I bought the girls these pretty barrettes at the Mall. Shiloh loved them and thought they looked like fireworks so I couldn't resist. :)

I got a Popsicle in shaping mold, and not the fuzzy green kind of mold, while we were up at camp (they were surprisingly difficult to find) and I love it!
I've made pureed strawberries and lemonade ones and now we're enjoying Pudding Pops that Vivi can actually eat because the pudding mix is dairy-free and I made them with Lactaid milk!

Shiloh wasn't crazy about the Strawberry/Lemonade pops because she didn't like the strawberry seeds, but Vivian has loved and devoured both varieties with enthusiasm! :)

Vivi was starting to run me ragged with waking at night again. Hopefully I found that the problem is that she likes to be quite cold at night. I've been leaving her fan on high and it's cold enough that I'd have to have a blanket or something to be comfortable but she sleeps so good now.
The first night I left the fan on high, she slept for 12 1/2 hours straight through...when the night before she woke 3 or 4x!! She never really felt sweaty so it wasn't easy to find the solution.
Another thing that I think helps is that I started to put Vivi down at night about an hour earlier than Shiloh.
Shiloh falls asleep much easier (quieter!) with a later bedtime and also wakes later in the morning.
Shi was waking very early and I had caught her a few times calling across to Vivi's room in a loud stage whisper "Vivi! My baby are you awake! Let's play with our doors! Vivi-annnnn!"
They like to play and peek out from their bedroom doors at each other in the mornings, but I'm sure that Shiloh waking her so early was not a good thing for Vivi's rest.

(yes, I'm sorry Heather. I know I wasn't so good for your sleep either.
I guess it's a big sister thing!) ;-P

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