Tuesday, August 24, 2010

The Hummingbird show

Early this morning Shiloh and I were awoken by the sound of the smoke detector beeping.
Not the alarm ringing, but this very loud shrill beep every so many seconds to inform us that the battery was getting weak.
It scared Shiloh but I explained what the beeping was and tucked her back into her bed and closed her door so the noise wasn't as loud.

I didn't hear any noise from Vivian so I left her be and told DH that one of the smoke detectors was beeping, and climbed back into bed.
Even with our door shut, the beeping was still too shrill and loud to fall back asleep so DH went out to find which one was making the noise and replace the battery.

A short while later he comes back to the room all frustrated because he can't find which detector is beeping (we have quite a few).
So I suggested a few rooms that *might* have a detector in them because I couldn't remember with my bleary morning brain.
He checked those rooms and still didn't find the source of the beeping!

Finally he opened Vivian's door and it was the alarm right over her bed that was going off!
She was so sound asleep that the alarm didn't wake her, and even DH changing the battery didn't wake her. She slept through it all straight to morning!
Vivi has been tired/sleeping a lot with teething molars and likely a growth spurt as well.
She's been sleeping a good 12 hrs at night (13hrs last night) with the addition of a 2 hr nap during the day.
 I even put her to bed before 7pm last night with some Tylenol because both girls were acting tired and she woke up only once during the night before the alarm started beeping.
I guess I don't have to tell Shiloh to be quiet while the baby is sleeping any more!

We have our hummingbird feeder attached to our dining room window and I just love it!
I can sit at the table eating or on my laptop and see so many hummingbirds.
I wish we had more than one variety in our area, but I'm amazed that getting to see them so close you can start to recognize the differences of the individual birds.
The adult male ruby-throated hummingbirds I haven't been able to tell a difference yet...or maybe we only have one coming.
We have at least three females, one of which has a very white chest and always pauses to make smacking motions with her beak while drinking.
There are also at least two juvenile males. I had to research pictures of juvenile males to make sure. They have a small red dot on their neck instead of the full red neck.
They also love our hibiscus bush that is near the feeder as well.
Here are some pics of different hummingbirds visiting our feeder this morning. :)

See what I mean about smacking her beak after drinking? lol

This one is pretty chunky!

Shiloh is laughing hysterically now, three hummingbirds (likely the three photographed) were just chasing each other away from the feeder in a pretty spectacular show in front of our windows. :)

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