Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Craft time

I wanted to do a craft with the girls today.
Shiloh is not into "little kids" crafts. Every time I found an easy craft meant for her age range, she said "Okay, you do that one...I want to do this one!" and she'd point to a much more complicated project.

Finally I found a Martha Stewart craft project that Shiloh wanted to make and I thought I could simplify down to a (almost) 4 year old level.

The original "Paper Dragon" craft can be found on the Martha Stewart page here.

And my simplified kids version...

Shiloh's dragon before she painted it, when I was putting the brads in to make the dragon movable...Shiloh kept saying "don't hurt her! don't hurt her!" ;-D
She also said that the Dragon needed a belly button...

Vivian's dragon that I made for her while she was napping.
I later removed the second (pink) part of the body to make it easier for her hands to hold.

Painting her Dragon, Shiloh said "isn't it fantastic!"

Shiloh's completed Dragon. I took the picture and Shi said "I not sure Dragon smiling?"

Then she asked if we could put the pictures on my blog, because she likes my blog...and asked to see the picture of her elephant again. ;-)

When Vivian finally woke from her nap, she was first just confused as to why her Dragon didn't have eyes on the back side...
Then she started chasing Shiloh with her Dragon...
I should have made hers with something a little stronger than construction paper, I think.

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