Monday, August 09, 2010

Not Me Monday!

It's Not Me Monday time again!
The time to confess things that we certainly, positively, absolutely have (not) been doing this past week.

Since we have been home from camp for over a week now, there definitely are not still things that haven't been put away yet. Nooo...

I do not take random pictures and post them on my blog.
You know, say if a bird fell asleep on my empty birdfeeder while waiting for me to fill up the feeder, (which would not be empty anyways because I always remember to fill it up promptly!) then I would not take a picture of said bird and post it. Nooo, Not Me!

(he was starting to wake up, probably from hearing the girls excitement at watching him nap. ;-)

I have not been to too many stores, at least 7, looking for just the right sandals.
If I had been to that many stores unsuccessfully, I might then be concerned that I could not deny my husband's claim that I am too fussy in the choosing.
Fussy? Not Me!
So I definitely would not be walking around in high 80's temperatures in my sneakers because I could not find an acceptable pair of sandals...Nooo

I have not been pushing myself to finish Vivian's blanket this week (minus the pom pom tails) and now that it is almost completed, I do not find myself missing having my knitting as an excuse to watch "Dr. Oz" know, only to keep my mind busy while I knit. :)

No, Not Me!

I know there are dishes to wash, and bathrooms to scrub, and floors to vacuum, I would never use my knitting projects as an excuse to put those tasks aside.
So I am definitely not thinking about all the colorful yarn I've accumulated and getting ideas for my next project, and I am certainly not using that as an excuse to avoid cleaning out the cabinet under the kitchen sink..... Not Me!


Alex said...

I NEVER use fun projects as excuses to not clean. Not me either! (Cute blanket!)

Mommy2Four said...

Oh no! I NEVER use my photography as a reason to not, let say, mop the kitchen floor! ;) Not me!