Monday, August 16, 2010

Not Me Monday!

It's Not Me, Monday time yet again!
 The time to confess things that we have "not" been doing this past week.

During a particularly violent thunderstorm full of pelting rain, whipping wind, and an excess of thunder and lightning....
When I heard the rumbling sound of an 18 wheeler, I certainly did not become nervous that it was a sign of an impending tornado.
I did not think "What do I do? What do I do?" that is anyways, until the actual 18-wheeler drove by...

It was not my child that spilled orange juice in her carseat, on herself, and on the actual car seat this week. If that had happened then at least we were able to find that it all comes out in the wash.

I did not paint my 2 year old's fingernails for the first time...only to find myself scrubbing a streak of pink nailpolish off her face a short while later.
Nooo, Not Me!

My youngest child did not say while eating chili for dinner,
"Mmm tasty!" followed by an urgent "! Mmm..more?"

My fidgeting child did not roll off the (closed) toilet seat head-over-heels in an unfathomable way.
Her concerned and loving Mother did not ask mystified just how she had done that, instead of first asking her if she was okay...No, Not Me!

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