Monday, August 23, 2010

Not Me, Monday!

"Not Me" Monday time again! The time to confess things that we have "not" been doing this past week.

When I cleaned out my freezer today, I did not find one, two, three, four empty plastic bags! No, of course my freezer is always neat and orderly!
My children did not try to help me clean out the freezer with comments of:
"This food makes my toes cold!"
"Ooh Strawberries!!"
"Popsicles! Can we have popsicles? I like this one! Pleeeeeeeeeease!!"
and the discovery of the popsicles was certainly not the end of their "help".

I was not apprehensive of cleaning out DH's section of the freezer. The fact that he is known to store entire fish (eyes and all, eek!) and various clawed crustaceans does deter me on my quest for a clean freezer! So I surely did not pile all of his items in one area so that He can go through them himself...
Nooo, Not Me!

After being unable to find good potatoes at the grocery store, I did not have a dream about not being able to find good potatoes at the grocery store.
No way, my dreams are far more exciting that that!

And to close, I definitely, positively, never vacuum my entire kitchen...with a dustbuster.
Nope, Not Me!

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