Saturday, August 28, 2010

Review - Clorox Fresh Care Washcloth/Towels

Clorox Fresh Care Towels

(This is not a paid review - just a Mom sharing a product that is working great for us.) :)

Per Clorox -
"Clorox Fresh Care towels are specially treated to resist the growth of odor-causing bacteria on the towel..."

You wash the cloths/towels in your washing machine with Clorox bleach which activates the antimicrobial protection.

I have only purchased the washcloths, not the towels...thus far.
I was having a problem with the fact that once I bleached my washcloths, they all faded to the same blah colors.
 Then DH would grab the washcloth I use for the countertops and use it to wipe the girls faces and hands because they looked identical after a bleaching. I even tried marking one cloth with a magic marker to make them easier to identify but the marker didn't last long either.
Another problem was that the regular washcloths would only last a few bleaching and then they were full of holes and ready to be tossed, and also the bleachings made the washcloths stiff and rough.

When I noticed the Clorox washcloths, they were on sale which was my initial attraction to them as I was skeptical about paying more for a "special" washcloth when I could get multi-packs of washcloths for just a dollar or two.
The Clorox cloths were soft and fluffy and the package said that it had "bleach safe" color, everything that I was looking for!
Granted the color on the cloths is minimal only a stripe of color on an otherwise white cloth.

I usually just soaked the washcloth in my sink with a bit of bleach and soap. This was done very frequently, every few days.
(as you can guess, I have a lot of spills to clean up!)
I always have two washcloths in my kitchen, one for the girls and one for the countertops and they are always bleached at the same time.

The Clorox washcloth has outlasted at least four of the regular washcloths!

I do wish that they had different colors, because I'm pretty sure DH is not going to notice such a slight difference as whether a washcloth has a blue or tan stripe when he goes to grab one.
So we are still using one Clorox cloth and one regular dishcloth in our house at the moment.

Ooh, I just found out that they make Clorox Fresh Care Sheets!
They sell them at Bed, Bath, & Beyond.
It would be nice to know that you could bleach your sheets and the color would be safe and that they'd come out of the machine in one piece.

Hmm, I wonder if they'll start making crib sheets...

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